Week 5 – January 30 – February 5, 2012

 Week 5 – January 30 – February 5, 2012

Monday, January 30:  We have had some very warm temperatures lately.  The boys’ Green Bay Packer Snowman may end up melting much sooner than we thought.  Henry was the one that noticed that his number was gone and that he was melting.


Tuesday, January 31:  We went skiing with friends today.  Henry had the motivation to try to keep up with a very fast 5-year-old boy and an almost 4-year-old.


Henry skied for over a half hour following those two boys and then it was time for a sled ride and a snack.

I tucked the camera in the sled with Henry.  Later I found many photos on the camera from the view of inside the sled.   My butt being one of them!


Wednesday, February 1: We met friends in Point today at the Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum


Thursday, February 2:   I needed some rest after the last two days’ activities.  I had my book club book on CD (The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon) and some quilting to do.   Henry seems to enjoy it also because he asks me “turn your music on.” 

Henry thinks he should take photos of my activities too.


I guess our Green Bay Packer snowman lost his status of “The Mater Piece” after a lot of melting.  Because the boys decided to destroy him with their swords.


Friday, February 3:  My friend Kat and our two little boys took a hike and planted some candy canes on the trail for my Saturday ski class.  On our way back to the chalet the groomer caught up with us in the Piston Bully.  He was kind enough to give the boys a ride.  Once Henry saw a ride was in his future he ran as fast as he could!


Saturday, February 4:  The treasure hunt for the kids wasn’t too exciting.  The skiing conditions are so poor.  We have so little snow and what we have is very icy.  So everyone hiked in their winter boots. 

In the evening the boys participated in the Iola Twilight Snowshoe race with a couple of friends.


Sunday, February 5:  I was experiencing contractions on Wednesday and a little bit on Thursday (the reasons for me not cooking dinner and the dishes, not sweeping the floor, not doing laundry, going to bed by 7:30, sitting around quilting, and listening to my book on CD).   When I hiked around to plant the candy canes on Friday morning the contractions came back.  I was nervous about this and hopped that they were just Braxton Hicks contractions (practice contractions). 

I never really experienced the Braxton Hicks contractions with the other boys so I wasn’t sure.  It seemed odd that I would have many in a day when I did the littlest tasks.   I called Jane, my midwife, after our short hike.  She was able to see me within five minutes of my call.  She confirmed they were only Braxton Hicks contractions and that nothing was progressing on the inside.  

 Jane sent me home with Black Haw and instructions to take 15-20 drops three times a day.  The purpose is to relax my uterus and stop or minimize the contractions.  And it worked!  I went from at least two Braxton Hick contractions every hour to two per day. 

 Jane also told me to “not over do it.”  If she would have come to my house she would know that I am not over doing it!


9 responses

  1. Well now Jenny, it seems like you need someone to come and take of you too! Only teasing of course. One of the things my boss – from GRAI – used to say, “There is aways tomorrow”. He was a great procrastinator. But, I sometimes live by that motto and also “Lord give me strength”. I really think they work well together.
    Enjoy your leisure time – in fact make your leisure time. The world around us is hectic enough without making ourselves sick with worry about minor things that will still be there tomorrow to deal with. Love your pictures and I see Henry is taking after his parents with his photographic eye for catching people in action. Take care, Love, Aunt Anita

  2. Hand quilting seems like a good idea, Jenny! Hope you can enjoy it and not worry about the disorder that follows three active boys when Mama is not throttled to full speed.

    • Helen,
      I am doing well with the disorder around here, that comes easier than other things. I need to do more sewing so I have more to quilt. Or I should take this extra time to finish some of my unfinished quilts!
      Love, Jenny

  3. Henry is quite the photographer! I love that he takes pictures when he gets the chance. And yes, take care of yourself and be sure to rest….just listen to me preach 🙂 I wish I would have known about Black Haw during my last pregnancy, I’m glad it’s helping you!

  4. A family of talented skiing photographers. Love that Henry’s baby is bundled in the sled with him. There are snow flakes outside this morning! I Love you!!

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