Week 3 – January 16 – 22, 2012

Week 3 – January 16 – 22, 2012

Monday, January 16:  In the near future I will attempt to make a Mei Tai baby carrier out of these two fabrics.  I admired the peacock feather fabric during a different trip to the fabric store and didn’t buy any of it because I didn’t have a project in mind.    Until my visit today when I found this green fabric and put these two together.   Now I can think of five other things to make with this fabric.


Tuesday, January 17:  Henry loves to talk on the phone.  When the phone rings I hear “Me get it! Me talk!” as he runs for the phone.   There have been times that he has beaten me to the phone and pushed the correct button.  It is very cute and sweet: “Hello, me is two” or “Hello, me is Henny”.  I think he answers the phone very politely for an almost three-year old.

When Henry has some kind of owie the first thing he wants to do is “Call Granny!” or “Show Granny!”   Today he had something that looked like a paper cut on one of his fingers and we called Granny.

Henry fell asleep in my arms while I talked to Granny.  I was able to transfer him to the chair where he slept for about two hours.


Wednesday, January 18:  We went to the library program this morning and the craft was to make this penguin with socks, craft foam and a soda can.



Thursday, January 19:  I was taking pictures of something  (something not good enough for this week’s blog) and Henry wanted me to take a picture of him.  I love those brown eyes, dirty face and handsome smile!  I want to remember this face forever!


Friday, January 20:  Charlie, again, amazes me with what his little brain can do.  He has always liked puzzles more than the other boys.    He got these Star Wars puzzles (100 pieces) from my sister after Christmas.  He put them together in a short period of time.  I stopped counting when he repeated putting the same puzzles together after the third time.


Saturday, January 21:  This morning we had our second ski lesson for the year.  The grass is still showing a little through the snow in some places.  The skiing on the trails is wonderful.  The temperature was 4 degrees at 10 AM. That didn’t stop the families from bringing their kids out to ski.  I counted at least 27 kids out of the 42 who are signed up.  It didn’t feel like 4 degrees to me. 

I tried to ski with Robbie and Charlie after our class.  It was horrible!  They complained the whole time, teased, tackled, and threw snow at each other.  I couldn’t ski fast enough to get away from them.  For the last 5+ minutes Charlie screamed “Mama!” and ended our ski crying.   I was a horrible mother for making them ski when they were tired and hungry and for trying to ditch my screaming child.  One big rule I have for parents is to stop skiing before the crying is close to starting.  I have no excuse.  I wanted to ski with my own kids and then they were being so naughty to each other I couldn’t stand it.   Later on I decided we would try again tomorrow. 

One good thing from Saturday morning’s lesson:  Robbie did some of the activities I had planned for the class, but in his own way (like always he has his own ideas).  He set up the little orange cones in a straight line on the down hill swerving around them to practice his turning.  I was impressed with how well he could do it and made a comment to him about it.  He said, “Yeah! That’s because you are the best teacher!”  We should have ended our skiing time for the day right then!


Sunday, January 22:   This morning’s ski was a little better, there was less crying than the day before.  Today was my first time skiing with all three boys this winter.  I was so unorganized and made many trips back into the chalet for forgotten things (one of them my own skis).  Henry was on his skis for the longest time so far this winter (15 minutes) and hated me pulling him in the sled.  So we had to race back to the chalet.  There was nothing worth taking a photo.  I will remember this weekend for a while!

We met some of our family at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum  for the last day of Boxes and Their Makers exhibit.  The exhibit was amazing.  The museum also has a wonderful children’s area.








9 responses

  1. Your baby carrier project sounds fun.
    With lots of snow last night and this morning, skiing would be great here. Did you get some more, too?

  2. Love it all! I can only imagine how excited you are to make the baby carriers 🙂 That’s a very practical item, too, that you could give to new mommies. The penguin project is a very cute idea… I forgot to post the last time than Ryan and I were cracking up about Henry outside in his diaper in the winter! We always say “Henry, Henry, Henry!”

  3. Henry is the cutest little boy! I know I say that about all of my nephews, but he really is! I still smile every time I think of him sitting on the coach, “me love donuts” haha!
    That fabric is SO GREAT! I would love a work bag out of that…wink wink…if you have extra fabric I would be willing to pay you to make me one 🙂

    • Kayla,
      Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope work is going well.

      I can make you a bag out of that fabric. I may have some leftover. You should think about how big you need a bag and if you like the straps to be long enough to go across your chest or to carry on your shoulder or just with your hands.
      Love, Jenny

  4. I too love that little smiling face, that sweet mix of Jack and Jenny! Such bright eyes and a beautiful smile. I shall download that one. What a cute little penguin, and the colorful fabric…I can tell that you would be drawn to it. Have fun with those projects.

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