My weekend with Robbie

My weekend with Robbie

This may have been the first weekend I have spent with just Robbie since before Charlie was born (over 6 years ago)!

Jack must have been feeling brave taking Charlie and Henry for a weekend with his college friends and a trip to visit his mom and grandparents. I say that “Jack must have felt brave” because Henry was still in diapers and was breastfeeding before the weekend. When they got home he was still in diapers and still wanted to “nuk”.  Nothing has changed!   I don’t know how much money Jack paid out for someone else to change the poopy diapers that happened while they were away, my sister Emily wasn’t there to rescue him. 

This post isn’t about them it is about the wonderful time I had with Robbie.

We were left alone at 4:00 on Friday afternoon. We were waving good-bye from the kitchen to Jack and the two younger boys and there were no tears in the car or in the house.

After Jack, Charlie and Henry were out of sight we started to make our plan for the weekend.

Homemade pizza Friday night, I was missing Jack because his pizza is so much better than mine!  Robbie said my pizza was just as good as Papa’s.

Robbie helped me feed the dogs and take care of the chickens. We sat around playing with the Legos before bed. At bedtime we cuddled in my bed and read a Junie B book (my least favorite book). Just before we got started Robbie thanked me for reading with him.

Saturday morning we had a quick breakfast and went to the ski hill for our first youth ski of the year.  I worked with the new and very young kids while Robbie went off with other parents to play on a downhill.  I have a little anxiety when I am not with Robbie during these lessons.  If he is bored he tends to tease the girls, and not follow directions from the other parents.  The worst thing he did this morning was take the snow shoe trail back to the chalet with his friend.  The rest of the morning Robbie played and skied with his friends, we cleaned up the chalet a little and I did a few other jobs before leaving.

Aunt Susie stopped for lunch with us on her way home. She showed us her recent fabric purchases which involved a lot of pheasants.

Robbie was willing to spend time in the sewing room with me. He had a project in mind while I continued my sewing on this baby quilt that I am working on. Thankfully I have a couple of sewing machines set up for this very reason! Robbie thanked me for sewing with him, because “if Henry was here we would have to take a break for a nap and snacks!”

Robbie wanted to make this sign for his bedroom door.  He used my sewing machine for his name and picked out a variegated thread that matches this fabric perfectly.   This is as far as we got this weekend.  I am trying to talk him into something that is a little more functional.

Evening was approaching and we were starting to get hungry. How did the time go by so quickly? That is what happens to me when I work in the sewing room!  We went to Subway for dinner (a rare event) and Robbie thanked me for buying a sub for him.

Since we were in town we went to the IGA for some groceries on full bellies! I still agreed to buy Robbie a package of those cinnamon rolls that come in that round cardboard box. That is what he wanted for breakfast in the morning.

Saturday night we unloaded the groceries, took care of the dogs and chickens. Before bed we made our list of things to do on Sunday.

Robbie’s list:

Then we cuddled up to read a couple more chapters of Junie B.  I need to find boyish chapter books that we would like to read.  Junie B is so naughty and sassy!!

Sunday morning we went to Sunday school.  Not an activity on Robbie’s list, but it was on mine!   I packed food for us to eat at the ski hill so we wouldn’t have to go home after church.  We played Candyland while snacking on our food and then we went out to ski!  Robbie whispered a sweet little “thank you” while we were sitting there.

I have always intended to be faster than our boys until they hit the teenage years and joked about them chasing me until then.  Well, not today!  I was chasing this boy all morning.  Towards the end of our ski we were racing up and down the hills. And there were times I thought I was in a roller derby – this boy wanted to use me to go faster and tried cutting me off a few times.

Reading for 20+ minutes!

We got some jobs done quickly and headed to Northern Lights to watch the Packer game and have dinner (two very rare events).  Robbie and I played darts during half-time.  I got a few hugs and “thank you”s during the Packer game.  When the games started to get really bad we decided to go home.  I don’t think I could have lasted much longer!  We were hoping Jack and the younger boys would be home by this time.  They weren’t.  

Robbie and I read a few more chapters of that dreaded Junie B book and I tucked him into his own bed.  He was tired and missing Charlie.  Robbie fell asleep within 10 minutes!  We had a great weekend (51.5 hours) at home together!

8 responses

  1. That would have been so much fun spending some time alone with just Robbie 🙂 Spending time alone with each of my children is so important to me, it’s something that they really remember 😉
    I just LOVE your snow pics, I can’t get enough of them and you need MORE of them in each post please! lol
    I love Robbie’s sign for his door and I LOVE his list!
    You have great kids Jenny 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks, Belinda!

      I know a few parents that make an effort to do one-on-one time with each child. I know it is important but we don’t do it as often as we should! It doesn’t have to be a whole weekend like this one I had with Robbie.

      • I have to say, it is getting easier to get the one on one time now that my kids are getting older, but it was pretty hard and very far and few between times when they were younger because I was a single parent from when my kids were 2.5 and 5.5 😉
        I think that you guys are doing an AWESOME job! There is so much love in your house, you can really see it! 🙂 xxx

  2. Well, I love Robbie’s room sign! He has inspired me to add HUGS to my own to-do lists. One can never give too many hugs. I love picturing the two of you watching the game and playing darts together, he will remember those things. Please give him a hug from me, and ask him to give you a hug from me as well!! Love to you all, XOXO

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