Week 1 – January 2 – 8, 2012

Week 1 – January 2 – 8, 2012

In 2011 I spent a lot of time blogging weekly under the theme of Project 365.  It was an idea that I found that motivated me to start blogging, take more photos of our daily life and to tell our story of our week’s events.  Most blogs that I have seen that focus on Project 365 are written by people who love photography and want to work on improving their skills.  My goals were to take more pictures of our adorable boys, take notes of what we have being doing so our faraway family and friends could stay up dated, to help me remember all the good times we have had and all the things we have accomplished.

Here I am, willing to keep blogging for a second year because I had so much fun.  I will plan to label my weekly posts with the date and post as many photos from our week as I can.  If I come up with anything creative I will change it.

Monday, January 2nd:   Our last day for our Christmas break.  I took the boys to the pool in town, if we had snow we would have gone skiing!

Charlie’s eyes are sensitive to the pool water, he also opens his eyes under water and if I had a good memory I would always make sure goggles were in our swim bag.  After leaving the pool he didn’t open his eyes for many hours.  He ate his snack without opening his eyes.

Tuesday, January 3rd:  I posted an update on my pregnancy.  Click here to read “Baby in Belly – over half way there”

This was my first day with just Henry at home since before Christmas.  The most important thing Henry wanted to do with just Mama was build barns and play with the animals.

Wednesday, January 4th:  We got back into the sewing room today.  Henry plays down there with the special toys I have for him, sometimes he watches a movie down there and other times he is wandering upstairs sneaking treats.  Today I found him reading.

This photo should have been posted last week.  I purchased this extension table for my sewing machine with my huge amount of reward dollars that I earned after purchasing my sewing machine from Sew n Sew in Waupaca.  It was a painful visit because of the cost (my reward money helped minimize the pain) but the most painful part of it was that I had to take all three boys to the store with me.  I had my list organized of what I wanted to spend my money on.  Our visit was quick but there was still a little wildness.

This week I was able to finish some projects I started last week.

Robbie finished the pillow for Henry that he wanted to give him for Christmas.

My second cloth bag.

My two homemade gifts from my step-mom.  The bag with the Nuthatch on it is lined with a machine quilted lining of the corn fabric the zipper bag is made out of.


I am trying to perfect zipper bags.  This is a small one I made.  I have a few other bags cut and ready to put together but just not enough time for sewing!

Thursday, January 5th:  I bought 40 pounds of oranges for $17 on December 27th.  We have finished 20 pounds of them so far.  The oranges are delicious and incredibly juicy.  I was sitting by the fire resting and Henry wanted to be by me with his snack of oranges.  It wasn’t such a good idea to eat in the living room after I noticed the juice dripping down his arm and from his elbows and chin.

I also purchased 20 pounds of grapefruit for $7.  I was hoping it was going to be pink grapefruit because I love it and so do the boys.  It turns out it wasn’t pink and Robbie loved it anyway.  Almost a week and a half later Robbie has eaten almost the entire 20 pounds.  He has it for breakfast, snack at school, afterschool and sometimes for a bedtime snack.

Today Robbie made this snack for me.

I ate the oranges and let him have the grapefruit.

Friday, January 6th:

I went to the ski hill to check the snow conditions for the Youth Ski Program that was supposed to start in December.  Our warm temperatures and lack of snow has delayed our first day.  I was hopeful that Saturday was going to be our first day of ski lessons.  I found very little snow at the ski hill and wanted to cry!

I went home and sent an email to all of the families canceling our lessons for tomorrow.  Then I looked on our computer and found last years photos from January 8, 2011 this made me want to cry, again:

Saturday, January 7th:  We went to Milwaukee this afternoon to spend time with some of my family.  I have no photos!  My sister, Emily, looked very well considering she spent last weekend in the hospital.  Her liver and kidney levels are increasing, she has more pain and is slowly moving higher up the liver transplant list.  She was very sleepy while we were there, very up beat and positive.

Sunday, January 8th:  We came home today and one of the first things Henry needed to do was collect eggs.  A new job Henry has started is putting the eggs into the cartons, separating the dirty ones for me to wash and counting them.

Henry was very excited to wear his new Lego man head lamp out to the chicken coop (and all over the house).  Thanks, Grandma Lynn!


19 responses

  1. Love the photos, the “YOU ROCK” sign, your sewing projects. It looks as if Charlie’s whole face is sensitive to the pool water. I bet he’ll be remembering goggles himself. I’m happy you’re continuing your blog–I’d really miss it if you didn’t. Love you.

  2. Hi Jenny! I’m so glad you’re continuing your blog as well. I always get a sense of peace after reading it. You always inspire me to do more homemade things. Just wondering where you’re getting the fruit for that price? Not that we could eat it all. The chicken lady has connections! (hope that made you laugh)

    • There is an Amish bulk food store 17 miles north of me in Marion. They sell in smaller quanities if people want it. All you have to do is ask. You could buy 20 pounds, keep some cool in your fridge/garage (as long as it doesn’t freeze) and eat what is left out. Oranges will last a while. All year they have in season fruits that they order at incredibly cheap prices like blueberries, peaches, cranberries, apples, pears, oranges and grapefruit. You can always buy the “bulk” amount and split with a friend, co-worker or family member!

  3. Hi Jenny,
    I really didn”t know much about blogging but if this is it, I sure do enjoy all the pictures and knowing what your up to…cool!

  4. Jenny, I’m finally getting in a visit to your blog after the holidays and some sickness here. I love seeing the pic of you and Henry near the door – more baby-in-mama pics please! so thankful to hear Emily is moving up the list, my uncle was medically cleared for the heart/lung list so he’ll be put on it soon. Hope you get some skiing snow soon – we have just about no snow left on the ground anywhere here. Ian was complaining today that he “can’t really believe it’s winter because I can’t build a snowman!”

    • Diana,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I would love to take more photos of my belly but don’t seem to have much time once Jack is home. I have used the timer to take these few photos myself.
      We do need some snow! I am right with Ian, it is hard to believe it is winter!
      I hope everyone is on the mend there!

    • Apparently when it comes to winter snow is a must! My daughter Ivy just told me today that it must still be fall because she still see’s leaves on the ground and there is no snow. Tonight was the first night of her ski lessons with her Grandma Marys club, and as she said in the car on the way over “good thing they can make snow, because there isn’t any outside!” She had a great time, I hope we get some snow so she can do a little skiing the rest of the week too!

      • Jessie,
        I have been thinking I should talk to the board and offer some of my sleep time to help make snow so we can have our kids program. I can add making snow to my list of things I am willing to lose sleep over.
        I love Ivy’s comment “because there isn’t any outside” I bet when she sees and steps on that snow she feels like she is in a different world. That is that talk of a life long skier and snow lover!

  5. Jenny,
    YAY! I’m glad your continuing with your blog. I love seeing the pics of the boys, they are growing up so fast. My kids suffered with the chlorine in pools too, they usually remembered the goggles, but eye drops work well to ease some of the stinging. Blog on!

    • Corky,
      Thanks for your encouraging words and always reading my blog!

      I wish Charlie or I would remember those darn googles! When we went to the pool regularly I always had a pair in the “swim” bag. He would still get irritated but not this badly. The last time I had to beg him to put eye drops in and it gave him relief. This time he didn’t want anything to do with eye drops. I have no idea why not!

  6. YAY i’m sooooooo glad that you still blogging too! I LOVE your blogs! 🙂 No snow happing here either hahaha! Yesterday was a HOT 40c (104F) but tomorrow it is supposed to be a little “cooler” at 39c (102F)
    Praying that Emily’s new liver comes soon. xxx I’m always keeping an eye out for that post to say that she has a new liver.

    • Belinda,
      As far as I am concerned you can keep your sun and heat for an extra month or two so that our winter can be extended!
      You will know when Emily’s ready for a new liver! I hope Dylan is doing well! I pray that a liver becomes available when they both need one!

      • Hahaha well i’m ready for winter NOW! lol 😉
        Dylan was sick eairler this week but he is good again now thank you 🙂

  7. Hi Jenny, I was reading your “baby in belly” blog and wanted you to know if you need any help around the house or with your meals, etc. please let me know. I would be glad to help you out. I was also going to ask if you bought the oranges and grapefruit at the Amish bulk food store, but reading the comments answered that question. I am still off work, but my hand is coming along good. A couple more weeks of therapy and it should be as good as new. I can do all household chores, but am unable to grip anything heavy or do any moderate to heavy lifting with that hand.

    • Marlene,
      Thank you for your offer! I am happy to hear that your recovery is going well. I hope you are able to go back to work on schedule!
      I was back to the Amish store yesterday getting more oranges and grapefruit. He said he has lots of oranges and a little bit of grapefruit left.

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