Project 365 Week 52

Project 365 Week 52

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

12/26/11 (Monday) –  According to little boys, there one huge benefit of having a wood stove in your living room:  being able to roast marshmallows.  I wouldn’t call this a benefit for Moms.

12/27/11 (Tuesday) –  Christmas break has given Charlie many hours and days to play with his Legos.  He uses this box so he can build anywhere and anytime.

12/28/11 (Wednesday) – We had friends over this week.  They took a break from playing outside to read a little after Charlie’s friend fell on the ice in the driveway.

12/29/11 (Thursday) – Jack moved the Lego table out into the living room for better lighting.  Charlie found a wooden toy making book in Jack’s pile of books and wanted to build one of the wooden toys out of Legos.  (Notice the book propped up on the opposite side of the table.)  Charlie truly sees the world built in Legos and can build anything!

This is the Lego guy he built from the wooden toy book.  His creativity was contagious, I amazed myself by coming up with the idea to give this guy his eyes and mouth.

12/30/11 (Friday) –  I have been going through all my quilting books and magazines to find an idea for a baby quilt to make for the new baby.  I am looking for a design where I can use my scrap fabrics and not have to buy anything for this project.

 Awesome book:

Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, and Inspiration




12/31/11 (Saturday) –  I finished this cloth basket.  The dimensions are 16 1/2 X 16 1/2.  I have another one that I am making with different fabrics.  I haven’t been able to finish the second basket yet.  I may try a few more of these in different sizes.

The inspiration came from  Scandinavian Stitches: 21 Playful Projects with Seasonal Flair . A book I got from my library.  This book has tons of adorable projects.

 Scandinavian Stitches: 21 Playful Projects with Seasonal Flair

(Click here for a link to Amazon for the book) 

1/1/12 (Sunday) –  I have never gone shopping on New Year’s Day to hit the special sales, until today.  Hancock Fabrics had many great sales with 50% off items that have been on my wish list and $10 off this spool holder that I have been admiring for the last few months.

After our shopping trip Henry and I went to our favorite restaurant. I crave Chinese food terribly bad when I am pregnant.

This is the end of my year with Project 365 as a themed post. I am interested in continuing, but I am unsure what to call my weekly posts of stories and photos. I need to figure out how to title and categorize them so they are different from this first year. One suggestion I read on the internet was to go back and re-name each post “Project 365 Week 52 – 2011”.

Most Project 365 blogs are posting photos daily. I can’t do that! I need to keep it weekly. If anyone has any suggestions or advice I would love to hear from you! I have until next Sunday to figure this out!

Thanks for all the encouragement and comments in this first year!



17 responses

  1. I love both of the designs that you are pondering for the new baby’s quilt. I also love your box. What a unique item that is. With all the stitching you have been doing – could you do something for a blog about your stitching? I love your spool holder too. At one time I was considering getting one of those but I would use it for hanging necklaces or bracelets off of.

    • Thanks Aunt Anita!. I am brewing a post in my head right now about baby quilts and want to put a poll for people to vote on what I should do. I am leaning on making both quilts but I don’t have time. Since there is also another quilt I am working on in the making!
      I also have a few drafts of new posts that I need to get done before I get crazy thinking of more posts and more sewing projects.

  2. I LOVE the boys roasting the marshmallows! It looks like a great idea to me!!! Your quilt choices for the baby look fun, too. Do you have to change the name of your blog for the new year? Just curious.

    • Claudine,
      I don’t know exactly what the name of my blog really is. I consider it to be “Life with Three Boys” and my address being “skiingmama”; The name of my blog will have to change once the baby comes and “life with three boys” doesn’t fit.
      I titled my weekly post with the 365 Project label and also made that a main category. I think if I did the same thing for this year they would blend together and I would have to look closely at the dates to figure out what year it was.

  3. First off, I love that your boys are roasting marshmallows in the living room, I laughed out loud…. having said that, I’m not planning on telling my girls about it!
    Then, just in case my vote counts for anything I vote table runner turned quilt for the new baby quilt.
    And your cloth basket is awesome, I’ve never seen such a thing, if I knew anything about quilting I would want to make my own… but my sewing skills are much more primitive than that! 🙂
    And finally nice job on your 365 project I can’t believe it’s already been a year! I’m very glad to hear your going to keep up the weekly news, I don’t have any super suggestions on what to call it but I’ll let you know if I think of anything.

    • Jessie,

      I am happy to see you are on the internet. Does that mean you are working on a blog post? I have been missing your posts. And am eager to hear how things are going with the new baby and the two big sisters!
      I recommend not telling the girls until you HAVE to! Then they will like boys think they can do it all the time even without me knowing.
      Thanks for the vote on the baby quilt. I am having a hard time deciding!
      The cloth basket came from the same book Susie’s quilt is from. The ideas and patterns are really easy. I can sew anything with straight lines!

  4. Jenny, your blogs are great, I’m so glad your gonna keep going, with pictures of course! I think we did marshmallows in our wood stove, but it’s in the basement, so no big deal. But I think I might tell Ivy. I love that Charlie is addicted to Legos, I’ll check our attic in case he needs more. Keep up the great work! Oh, I like the table runner quilt best too.

    • Corky,
      Thanks for the vote on the quilt ideas.
      I think you should keep your legos for your grandkids. I know that is far off into the future. Charlie’s supply of legos is enough and the majority of them are from when Jack was a kid. They have brought so much pleasure to Charlie. We brought them out of the basement I think two years ago for the first time, Charlie liked them then and had other interests at the time. Then they got packed away for another year. About a year ago was when we brought them back out and they have been out ever since. Thankfully Henry has been good about not putting many things in his mouth.
      Love, jenny

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  7. Hi Jenny – oh how those boys have grown since I first found you early in 2010. And my sister is a quilter and so I have sent her another link to your blog so that she can see all the lovely things you are making/have made for your family. Happy New Year. 🙂

  8. Jenny, it makes me happy to hear you will continue blogging. The year went by fast, and we enjoyed the blog so much! I LOVE the table runner design, the stitching is phenomenal, you would have a beautiful quilt. I too love that basket. Handles?? Just so the boys haven’t seen the ‘jumbo’ marshmallows!!

    • Lynn, there are no handles on the basket. This is something I have been considering. The boys have tried the jumbo marshmallows and they aren’t good for roasting.

  9. Jenny,

    I have endlessly enjoyed following you and your family this past year and am looking forward to the next year and your new addition – I’ve even been recording more of our lives thanks to your inspiration. Why not keep the 2012 blogs going, titled “The week of Jan 02, 2012 in the Life with Three Little Boys” or just “The week of (date)”

    Whatever you decide, I will still be eager to watch your beautiful family grow. Thanks for sharing.

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