Graduation Quilt – Broken Star

Graduation Quilt – Broken Star

When I was in college and struggling my mom told me that I could pick out any quilt design and she would make it for me as a graduation present.  That was just the motivation I needed.  I looked through all her quilting books and found a Broken Star pattern with solids and in rainbow like colors and loved it.

After 18 years almost to the day I received my gift.  I get teary-eyed every time I look at this quilt.  I graduated from UW-Stout on December 18, 1993 and received my graduation quilt on December 17, 2011.


 Quilt Broken Star

As you can see it is beautiful! My mom did an amazing job.

In 1993, my mom had three 5-year-old girls to take care of, farm chores to do and very little sewing and quilting was done during this time in her life.

Once the triplets were older and she got back into sewing she has made many quilts and finished quilts that she started before the triplets.  In the past couple years, since my triplet sisters have been in college, my mom has made some very beautiful quilts for others and I have forgotten about this quilt.  This Broken Star Quilt was very difficult to piece and I remember her telling me that she was struggling with it.  I have always imagined us tackling this quilt together or that one day after she died I would find this unfinished quilt and have to finish it alone.

This is my mom’s story:

“I had a little trouble finishing your graduation quilt on time. I didn’t get much quilting done for years after the triplets were born. Once I did get back into making quilts, yours got put aside while I made others; even some for you.

“In 2009, I joined the Curtiss Corners Quilt Club, and someone suggested a “Pizza Box” project for 2010. Each participant was to put a pattern, directions, and fabric in a pizza box.  At the monthly meetings a person would take someone’s box home, make a block and return the box the next meeting. By January 2011 a person would have 12 completed blocks.

“You know how I procrastinate. Well, the night before the meeting I still hadn’t decided on what I would put in my box.  I thought an easy way to do this would be to put the fabric strips for the diamond in the box.  I had 11 of the 32 diamonds completed.  I put a finished diamond in the box as a sample for people to follow, and 12 baggies – each with the fabric for one diamond… I would only need to make 9 more.

“The very next weekend my friend invited me on a weekend quilt retreat because someone in her family had cancelled at the last-minute. I was so anxious to work on the Broken Star, and suddenly it seemed possible that I might actually finish it! That weekend I got all 9 diamonds finished and I started to put it together. It was a very difficult pattern and I’ll never make another like it, but it was very fun to quilt. I finished it in June 2011 and it was shown at the August Quilt Club show. It took 3rd place in the Pizza Box Category and 1st place for all Hand Quilted entries.”

Thank you, Mom! It was worth the wait!!!

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  2. That is an absolutely beautiful quilt, gift and story. How very precious that you have something so absolutely lovely that you will be able to treasure for years and years to come. Your Mom is very talented and she is very lucky to have passed those talents on to her lovely daughters. She and you all are truly blessed.

  3. This left a lump in my throat. Do you put the quilt out? I ask because I have family quilts, I put them out, then bundle them back up not wanting them to fade, or get distressed. Then I tell myself to enjoy them and put them out again. Back and forth. I admire the patience of quilters so much. This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this story of love.

    • I do rotate some of my quilts on my bed. I am afraid to use this one because it is so white and three boys in the house! You do have to enjoy them. A lot of work is put into any quilt and it would be a shame to have them stored away and not loved and appreciated.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a story–you need to submit that to a quilting magazine to share with a wider audience. So touching and so BEAUTIFUL! How neat she won an award for it. Gorgeous colors. the BEST part of the story is that she was still around to finish it.
    (MY mother passed away in Sept—) you are lucky you still have her. Please tell her how much we all love it.

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