Project 365 Week 46

Project 365 Week 46

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

11/14/11 (Monday) – My feet were sticking to the floor in many places that is one of my cues to get the mop out.  The second one is when company is coming.  All our boys love to mop, this is Henry’s first time helping.  One might think with the help I have I should have a clean floor more often.

Henry figured out how to use the brush on the other side of the mop.  Sometimes I think a window scraper that we use on our icy car windows would work better.

11/15/11 (Tuesday) – My fridge full of eggs.  This is the most eggs we have ever had in our fridge.  I have begun to panic now.  I use to get worried when we had seven extra dozen in the fridge until I talked to Jessie, Jack’s cousin.  Her panic number is something like twenty-two dozen.  I delivered some this week and have been able to add a few more egg customers.

11/16/11 (Wednesday) –  Henry collecting eggs with his new basket that he found at Donna’s rummage sale.  Five eggs fit perfectly in his basket, now “five” is his favorite number.

I can’t afford to lose seven eggs if he trips on the way to the house, so we talked about five being a good fit for his basket.  (Thanks Donna!  He loves his new basket!)

11/17/11 (Thursday) – Granny spent two days with us this week.  Today she made dinner rolls with Henry.  The two of them read a lot of books.  I think Henry’s favorite time with Granny was when she was pretending to sleep and he would put a stuffed chicken by her head and she would wake up and try to eat the chicken out of his hands.

11/18/11 (Friday) – When the house is quiet I have learned to go searching for boys.  I am not always sure what I will find; naughtiness or sweetness.   Tonight it was sweetness!

This is the start of a quilt that I am making out of Grandma Hamm’s fabric.  She had strips sewn together and I am not sure what her plan was.  My mom helped me come up with this design by cutting Grandma’s squares of strips into four blocks and sewing them into these new blocks.  My mom is brilliant!

11/19/11 (Saturday) –  We were making plans to go to Big Falls this morning to check to see if there was any ice in the waterfalls.  Henry disappeared upstairs and came down with his swimming clothes on.  He told me he wanted to go swimming at Big Falls.

We only found ice in the puddles on the big rock.

The boys had popcorn and watched a movie while I did some sewing.  I lost track of time, like I usually do, in the sewing room.  I came upstairs and found them sleeping.

11/20/11(Sunday) –  Today Charlie had a playdate with his friend, Mollie.  They went to a movie and to her house for cake (this should have been a clue to me).  He came home with a bag of candy and a party hat.  I said, “Was it a birthday party? We didn’t have a gift for her!”  His response was, “That is okay, Mom, we didn’t know!”

While Charlie was at the movie theatre in Waupaca.  Robbie and I were brainstorming fun things to do.  One of Robbie’s ideas was to go to Northern Lights in Iola to watch the Green Bay Packer game.   So that is what we did.  He sat at the bar with his mug of root beer watching the game.


Henry and I sat away from the eight other people at the bar so we wouldn’t disturb them.  Henry colored and played with the balls on the pool table.


These photos are missing because I took my camera but forgot to put the card in the camera after downloading photos this morning.

I decided that I wasn’t being a bad mother for taking my kids to a bar to watch the Packer game.  Because it wasn’t for my enjoyment, there isn’t smoking allowed in the bars anymore and it is our choice that we don’t have a TV in our house.

This weekend I started a project for myself, a bag to haul my quilting project or books around.  I stayed up way too late last night for a 41-year-old mama who is growing a baby in her belly and has to keep up with these precious boys!

(one of my favorite photos taken in August 2010)

The start of my bag…

Robbie helped with some of the ironing.  He asked,  “Why are you starting another project when you have that one and that one started and none are finished?”  How do I explain my love for sewing, making things for others, my desire to finally make something for myself and my urgent rush to get as much sewing done before this baby arrives?

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  1. My family is going to have to eat a lot of eggs so we can take some more eggs off your hands! That is a lot! Your trip to Northern Lights made me laugh. I was just picturing Robbie sitting at the bar and Henry playing and you being such a nice (did you stay the entire game…becuase that takes patience. Football games seem way too long to me!) Mom to go and do that for Robbie.

    • We didn’t decide to go until the second quarter. We arrived when there was 8 minutes left in the second quarter (I don’t even know how many minutes are in a quarter), through half-time (this is when it was getting painful for me) and through the third quarter. That was about when Robbie was getting antsy and he told me he had a belly ache. Because he had two glasses of root beer in him! As we were going out the car he had to go to the bathroom really bad! So he went back in to use the bathroom while I buckled Henry up. When he came back to the car he said, “I wish we could stay longer.” I was so done! And then made a promise that he could watch the next game at Granny’s on Thanksgiving. Well now we aren’t leaving until Friday. Now I have to find a TV for him to watch the game on Thursday. I wonder if Northern Lights will be open.

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