Missing the School Bus

Missing the School Bus

The boys missed the bus for the second time in four years.  Can you believe my baby has been in school for four years?

This is a good record considering my history of missing the bus or running out of the house as, Marlene, the bus driver was beeping the horn.

My siblings and I were horrible about being on-time for the bus.   When I was in middle school and high school the bus came from the south.   We could see the bus coming from over a half mile away.   Some years when the south field was planted in corn that made watching for the bus a bit more challenging.  When we missed the bus we had to walk over a half-mile to meet the bus when Marlene was making her loop back to town.

They missed the bus today because:

  1. I think Ralph was a few minutes early.
  2. I was not wearing my watch and keeping a close eye on the time.  This current watch’s alarm isn’t set to go off at the time when we should be putting coats on and walking out the door.
  3. I didn’t notice when the Waupaca County bus went by.  This bus going by every morning is my indicator of where we should be with our morning routine.
  4. Charlie read books while he was eating (I was actually enjoying this sight) and ate his breakfast very slowly.
  5. Each boy hated what I picked out for their clothes and dawdled getting new ones and then getting dressed.
  6. They poked around while trying to pack their bag full of snow pants, shoes, gloves and a hat.  Charlie never got this far because he was half-dressed when the bus was here.  Robbie was ready to run out the door and did.  The way our house is situated and with all of our trees in the front blocking our yard, Ralph can’t see them as they are running out the door.
  7. The boys weren’t at the end of the driveway like always when Ralph arrived.  So he just drove away.

Charlie was happy to miss the bus and Robbie was a little irritated.  Henry was upset, “Bus leaving!  Bus leaving!” Charlie made some comment about being glad he didn’t have to go to school.  I told him that it would probably be more fun to go to school than to sit in his room all day or do jobs with me.

Thankfully, earlier this week I talked to my friend Dawn who lives at the end of Aasen road, just two miles away, and I found out that the bus gets to her house at 7:30.   I didn’t have to take them all the way into town.

During this extra time we had before meeting the bus I told Charlie he couldn’t play with any Legos this morning, which means “No touching the Legos!”

I  put the boys to work, cleaning off the kitchen table, cleaning up their PJs and  blanket, putting away the clothes I got out for them, and cleaning up toys, as  Charlie was doing this he picked up some Legos and said “Yeah!  I get to touch Legos!”  They also cleaned up the extra shoes and  boots that were all over the floor, Robbie ground coffee beans for me, Charlie feed the dogs, and they both practiced their piano.

What I learned this morning:

  1. Set the alarm on my watch for five minutes before the bus is to arrive.
  2. Wear my watch every morning!
  3. Have the boys lay out their clothes the night before.  I do this every night after they go to bed, they can start now.
  4. Encourage Charlie to eat his breakfast first.  Once he is ready to walk out the door he can read books or play with Legos with his extra time.
  5. I can look through our stash of winter clothes to see if we have extras and they can leave some things at school.

I would love to hear what you think, please feel free to leave a comment.

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