Henry, my future dancing partner

Henry, my future dancing partner

One of my blogging friends, Susan from Coming East, posted this video clip of Ginger  Rogers and Fred Astaire dancing in the movie Swing Time.  She also posted two other dancing videos but this one was Henry’s favorite.

I showed it to Henry and he loved it.  He requests to watch it every time we walk past the computer, or when he is sad or tired.  When he watches it and the clip finishes he says “See it again, please!” or “NOT WORKING!!!” depending on his mood.

 I love her dress the way it flows.  I love her strong thin legs and how much fun the two of them look like they are having.  It makes me happy!  When I am feeling kind of sad I will come back to this and watch the dancing!

Sometimes I watch it with Henry and then we look at the other suggestions YouTube has on the right side of the screen.  That is when I found this amazing clip on YouTube!

The clip claims it is Ginger Rogers dancing at 92 years old with her 29-year-old great-grandson.  I was curious to see how old she lived to be and found out on Wikipedia that Rogers lived to be 83 years old.  If you read the comments under this clip you will see someone mention that this is not Ginger Rogers, but a 73-year-old woman.

Now I don’t really care who this lady is!   I am still highly impressed that a 73-year-old body can move like this!  I should start dancing!

Since I found this new love of Henry’s I have been getting my hopes up that I may have a dancing partner soon!

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  1. Amazing! I want to be like that! What an inspiration! Thanks for linking to my site, Jenny, and taking it one step further. I love hearing about your little Henry. Makes me think of my little Ben.

  2. I’m not sure about your future dance partner, if Ivy finds out he’s a dancer his card might be booked! She just watched the you tube clip 4 times in a row until I found her some more Fred and Ginger to watch, I finally had to pull her off the computer so she could get ready for story time!

    • We won’t tell Ivy anything about Henry until I get some turns!

      I just learned how to make a list of favorites on youtube and they will play one right after the other. I am working on a good list for Henry to watch for the amount of time it takes for me to take a shower. This way he won’t want to stip his clothes off and join me or the other thing he likes to do is go in the pantry and eat granola bars.

  3. Jenny, Dancing is something you can do completely by yourself if you so desire. There have been many times when I’m home alone and I put on a CD and dance to my hearts content in my living room. I remember when I was living at home that on Saturday when we had to clean, I would turn the record player on and my broom or anything else that I was holding became my partner. Enjoy the freedom of expression.

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