Rebuilding My Cloth Diapers

Rebuilding My Cloth Diapers

I still have one child, Henry (2.5 years old), in cloth diapers and my  fourth child arriving in the spring. I am getting nervous about the condition my mother-ease cloth diapers. They have been getting thinner and thinner by the year. I am impressed with how these diapers have held up since they have been used on six children.   Henry is the sixth child to wear some of these diapers.

Before Henry’s 2nd birthday he was showing signs of interest to be potty trained and wanting to pee like his big brothers in the toilet and outside (a benefit to living in the country).  He hasn’t made much progress in the last seven months.

I was introduced to the mother-ease cloth diaper by a friend six or seven years ago. She wanted to sell some.  I was tired of folding the flat-fold diapers I was using and wanted to give them a try.  I actually never heard of any other kind of diaper than the flat-fold and pre-fold diapers that you use baby pins with, until I met this friend.  I started out by purchasing 10 diapers from her. I loved them and when she was done with the rest of her diapers I bought more from her.

One of the many things I love about the mother-ease diapers is how awesome they are to hang on the line to dry.  They don’t take up much space when snapped together.

I hang dry them in the winter months to gvie my bedroom more moisture.

Sadly, I have had to put some of the really thin mother-ease diapers away.  No,  I didn’t throw them away!  I put them away in the basement and out in the open so I could see them and always think about what I could do with these awesome diapers.  Something inside me wouldn’t let me throw the diapers away. They still had great snaps and the elastic was still good!

A few months ago I decided that I could rebuild these diapers with the “good” parts.  I consulted with a friend who does a lot of sewing and has made some of her own diapers.  She helped me brainstorm some ideas on fabrics to use and how to get it done.

I purchased some terry cloth this week and started making liners and rebuilding my diapers.  I only worked on a few and will put them to the test with Henry before I do more sewing.

Here is a thin and almost see through liner:

I cut out terry cloth for the liner:

I used the serger to put the two layers together for one liner and three layers for another liner:

I cut the snaps off the old liner:

I sewed the new liner to the snaps:

Thin and almost see through diaper that has been in a box for many months:

Then I took two layers of the terry cloth, serged them together and sewed them to the padded area of the mother-ease diaper that has thinned:

The diaper with the new liner snapped on:

Another experiment was to add to the padding of the actual diaper with one layer of terry cloth and then add a second layer to the whole inside of the diaper.  This method was very time-consuming.  I am not sure I will attempt this one again.  I was having trouble with my thread breaking.  Maybe it was because of the multiple layers or a little of the stretching of the fabric I was doing?

The diaper:

The pattern:

The finished diaper, not much extra surface area was covered with this method:

The test on this last diaper with the 3-layered liner was done last night.  Henry didn’t soak the entire thing!

As I post this Henry is wearing the diaper with just the new padded area and no liner.  And going to the bathroom more often today!  Maybe all this talk about making these diaper for the new baby is making him think more about saving diapers for the baby.

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  1. I’ve got a lot of thinning diapers too, so I”ll look forward to hearing what you final verdict is. Last year I made a bunch of liners that just set on to the diapers which helped alot but I didn’t think of stealing the snaps from the old ones that’s a good idea!

  2. I like the pattern made by all the diapers snapped together and hanging on the line! And I always like the idea of extending the life of usable items. Those snaps on the diapers are probably the most expensive part, so reusing the parts of the diapers with the snaps seems to me to be a great idea.

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