Project 365 Week 43

Project 365 Week 43

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

10/24/11 (Monday) – I don’t have a single photo for today!

10/25/11 (Tuesday) – This is the final touches on my garlic patch.  The planting took much longer than I expected with all the wonderful help I got from the boys.  Henry helped me weed the spot, till it, rake it and then we were able to plant about 150 cloves.  This process took us about two weeks.  After it was planted it rained for many days and the wind blew like crazy.  So I was unable to spread the straw over my patch.  In that short period of time from after it was planted to the time I was ready to spread the straw the patch needed a little re-planting…Robbie, my biggest gardener, noticed that the patch was clean of weeds, tilled and raked.  He figured I didn’t get to the planting yet.  So he took his cultivator through my planted garlic patch to loosen the ground so it would be ready for planting.   We walked through it we found many cloves dug up and some cut and damaged.   We re-planted as many as we could find.

Spreading the straw was the best job for Henry.

All done!

I am praying that I will have a good garlic crop next year!

The last of the brocoli for us and the rest of the plants and brocoli flowers went to the chickens.

10/26/11 (Wednesday) – Henry and I packed the car for our trip to North Dakota.  Henry wasn’t interested in carrying anything out to the car for me.  He wanted to get strapped in and leave “NOW! Kota!” is all he would say until he was screaming and crying because we weren’t leaving yet.  (This was about four hours before our scheduled departure.)  I called Jack at work to talk to Henry.  Henry seemed to understand more after talking to Jack that we couldn’t leave until Papa came home from work.

10/27/11 (Thursday) to 10/31/11 (Monday) –  We arrived at the Russian Slough in the middle of the night.   The boys and I finished our night sleep in the car and woke up at sunset.  When Robbie woke up he told me he was going to catch a pheasant with his hands and eat it for lunch.

Our first hunt was around Grandpa Rob’s farm, The Russian Slough.

Robbie did indeed catch a pheasant with his hands after Grandpa Rob injured it.  Robbie fell in love with the rooster and didn’t want anything to do with eating him for lunch.  He carried him around wrapped in a sweat shirt.  Robbie stayed at the house for the afternoon hunt because he didn’t want to find another bird that he would love.

We had other exciting “boy” activities throughout the weekend…smashing soda cans with water in them with the splitting mall.

 I don’t have any photos of them playing with fire, exploring the land, getting kite strings tangled and stuck in the power lines or the big boys (adults) shooting other things that explode.

I took Henry’s baby blanket along and made progress on basting it and quilting.

Kite flying is a must when we are at the Russian Slough the wind is perfect almost every day!  Cousin Eric was the King of Kites!

Our boys missed one day of school to make this trip.  Uncle Eddie’s kids missed two.  We made time for homework.

A lot of cooking and baking went on…Sarah made these donuts, pumpkin and apple pies,

dinner rolls,

and homemade ice cream (two nights in a row).

One very important tradition is that Sarah publishes “The Sunflower” newspaper everyday.

I believe this is after a couple of days of hunting.  Our hunting was amazing with birds everywhere!

I couldn’t resist breaking one of my blogging rules – Do not post photos of dead animals.   Not once but twice in this week’s post, can you find the second photo?

Henry and I are “sneaking” up on the birds at the Cedar Creek property.  This is one of my favorite places to hunt out of all of Grandpa Rob’s land.

Minor trailer troubles on the way home.

Finally we arrived home on Monday evening.  The start of our unpacking…

900 photos were taking between Jack and my mother-in-law during our trip to North Dakota.  Thanks to them I had many photos to choose from and to share on my blog.

8 responses

  1. What an awesome family adventure…Where was Kay??? We were going to have a WI hunting weekend over the 4 day weekend until it was determined that I had a torn ACL and meniscus and needed surgery. So much for my 4 day weekend! Oh well…and besides…the guys did hunt on Thurs and got a pheasant near our home, so all is well…now on to deer season!

    Loved the pictures and the blog about your week! I look forward to it every week, I was bummed yesterday when I didn’t see it.

    • During breakfast the first morning Robbie talked about how he can’t wait until he can live there, because he loves being there so much. We all do enjoy our time there. It is Sarah (my niece) and Robbie who love it the most out of all the kids.

  2. Great pictures! I sometimes forget how old all the boys are getting. I look at Ed’s kids– wow they’ve grown so much too…they hardly look like kids anymore!!

  3. OK Jenny, I just looked at your blog so long I forgot to keep blinking and now I look like I’m crying with watery eyes. First of all because it looks like you had such a great time and I’m more than a teensy bit jealous and second because where is the other dead animal?? I feel like I”m playing some sort of crazy where’s Waldo game! Wait, I found some bones does that count? Also where did this no dead animal rule come from? As someone who posted a large picture of a cat skull I find this “rule” to be quite intriguing!

    • Jessie,
      I didnt’ notice the bones until you brought that up. There is a photo with a whole-body-dead-animal. No one else has made a comment about the other photo.

      My rule of “no dead animals” is my own idea. You know how I love gross things! We always seem to have some kind of dead animal around here I thought I would spare others and not scare away some of my readers.

      I also have some kind of rule about posting pictures of “gross” things, which has only been challenged a few times, so I don’t really have that worked out. Worms are terribly gross to my mom, but not gross to most people. That is why I made a big deal in one of my posts warning of worm photos. One of my friends was grossed out by Charlie’s cut knee and that surprised me. I didn’t take a photo of Robbie’s cut hand from this spring for fear that someone would think I was a bad mother for taking photos of my injuried child for the sake of my blog (acutally for my memory) and not taking care of my child!

      I loved your skull picture and I think that would pass my rule.

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