Naughty People

Naughty People

Recently, Robbie asked if someone would steal a car with kids in it while the parents were paying for their gas.

I had to do some quick thinking on how to answer this.  Make it short and sweet?  Use this as a teachable moment and maybe give him too much to think about?

The mother in me thought:  They are strapped in the car and calm and it seemed like their ears and minds were open. So teachable moment it is!

So here is what I said,  “probably not and not many people out there would steal a car. But people do.

“You know how I read about all the naughty people in the newspaper? I have read about a few people who have stolen cars – a boy from his parents and a girl from her boyfriend.  These people got in big trouble for not asking to use the car.  Because they didn’t ask for permission the owners thought the car was stolen and they called the police.   Stealing cars is serious and people go to jail for it.   It stays on your name forever and whenever you want a job they will know what you did by looking it up on the computer.  And they may not hire you because they think you can’t be trusted.”

Robbie:  “There are some jobs you can do on your own, like sell juice.  But that doesn’t get you much money.”

Me:  “Right!  You will need to find a job to pay for your house and food!

People learn respect and good behavior when they are kids. That is why Papa and I always stress these things.  So you will learn them now and not when you are a grown up and you do something really bad.

Remember stealing that cupcake decoration in 4K?”

Robbie:  “Yes!”

Me:  “If I just ignored that and didn’t take you to talk to your teacher you may have stolen something else and kept stealing other things all your life and maybe end up stealing a car!”

I also explained:  Besides your family teaching you these things it is important that you have friends that make good choices, and your friends that you hang out with are kind and respectful to you and others.   You and your friends need to help each other to remember what is right and wrong.

Aunt Becca’s job is working with people who were in jail for doing something bad.  Part of her job is to help them learn respect and responsibility.  Some of them didn’t have a Mama or a Papa or an Aunt or Uncle to show them respect, kindness and love.  She also helps them to learn that it is important to show up to work every day and work hard.  You boys already know how to work hard!

Robbie:  I didn’t even know there is a job like that!

After my long babbling talk about naughty people,  Charlie corrected me about naughty people:   “Mama, there aren’t any naughty people. There are people who make bad choices. There aren’t any good people. There are people who make good choices.”

5 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this story. Charlie actually has the right definition. I don’t think many people, especially at his age, would understand that concept. We talk about that quite often – the choices you make can affect you the rest of your life and unfortunately too many people don’t think about that at the moment. Consequences – if only we know what they were at the moment we were choosing what to do! Hopefully the teaching you do while they are in that impressionable age will stick with them the rest of their lives. We had a wonderful experience of seeing first hand our Grand-boys in school this past week and afterward we had an awesome conversation with them about life. It was amazing to hear these two young men express their beliefs and the basis for it. Kelly and Steve should be very proud of the wonderful job that they have done with their sons. I know as their Nini (Grandma) I am extremely proud of them.

  2. Very good. I work with a woman who asked her 4 year old, who had just learned what to do in a fire, what he would do if a stranger asked him to get in a car. He said, ” stop, drop and roll”. Out of the mouths of babes….

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