Project 365 Week 42

Project 365 Week 42

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

10/17/11 (Monday) –  Henry helped me pick the last of our apples off our tree today.  I think he liked being “up high” more than picking apples.

The last of the apples off our tree.  It is time to get eating and making more applesauce.

Have you ever had an apple as big as your head?  Or as big as a two-year old’s head?  Unfortunately this isn’t one of our apples.  It is a Honey Crisp (my favorite apple) that I bought at the store.  We have two Honey Crisp trees in our yard that are too young to produce many apples.

10/18/11 (Tuesday) –  I have been waiting for this moment…Robbie reading to his brothers.

Last week I posted this picture of boys getting on the bus.  Notice the sunlight!

Bus boys

A week in a half later they are now getting on the bus when it is really dark outside.  This will change when daylight savings comes.   I was shocked by the difference in light.  The other difference you can’t see is that they are now wearing pants and winter coats.

10/19/11 (Wednesday) –  Henry wanted to hike with his baby in his coat.

10/20/11 (Thursday) –  Last week Friday I posted three cute photos of Henry telling me he has a baby in his belly.  Click here to read that post.

10/21/11 (Friday) – Robbie had seven boys over for his after school birthday party.  Here they are getting off the bus.

The boys carved pumpkins, played kickball, catch, tag, chased each other through the woods and into the field, caught chickens, collected eggs and tackled and wrestled each other.

I asked them if their parents let them use knives at home and many said no.  I was impressed with how careful they were with the knives.  We had no cuts or close calls!

I also enjoyed this time while they were all in one spot for many minutes.  I was able to get to know them better and see their personalities.  I loved how one boy NEEDED every string and seed out of his pumpkin before he started carving.   This experience also showed me that the energy level of our boys is very normal.

I had to drag them away from a great game of kickball to eat and have cupcakes.

10/22/11 (Saturday) – The last of our broccoli and carrots from the garden.

10/23/11 (Sunday) –  My latest cake was delivered this morning.  The gap in the writing is where the baby’s last name is.  I didn’t ask permission to post a photo of the cake, so I thought it would work out okay if I took the last name out of the photo.

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