Baby in Belly

Baby in Belly

Henry showed me today that he has a baby in his belly, by putting a ball in his overalls.

belly Henry 1 Oct belly Henry 2 Oct belly Henry 3 Oct

I guess he has been listening and understands what is going on inside my belly.

Yes, it is true baby #4 is brewing to arrive the spring of 2012!

my baby in belly

Last week on Robbie’s birthday he gave me a hug after opening his gifts and noticed my “bigger” belly and asked if I was going to have another baby.  I was surprised by his comment.  I looked down at my belly and realized that my belly is getting bigger.  It is time to start sharing our news.  I had hoped to tell more of my friends in person and our extended family in a more personal way.   This seems to be the best way for me to spread the word.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your due date?    Sometime in the spring, after skiing is done!  I am not counting weeks and days at this point.  We all know babies come when they are ready.  I will patiently wait and enjoy every day of this pregnancy.

Was this planned?    If you know me well enough to know how many children I have always dreamed of having then you know the answer.  If you don’t then please don’t ask.  Some of the best kids were surprises to their parents (me being one of them)!

Are you trying/hoping for a girl?    NO!  I gave that up two babies ago!

Will you do another home birth?    Yes, I sure hope so and will do every thing I can to make it possible!

 Are you doing the heparin shots?  No.  I used heparin with Robbie and Charlie’s pregnancies until 34 weeks.  After consulting with a perinatologist and my midwife it was determined that I don’t need to use heparin to maintain a pregnancy.  I was 18 weeks pregnant with Henry at that time, with two weeks worth of meds left, I stopped the heparin at 20 weeks with Henry.  Lately, I have had many worrisome days.  I am renting a doppler from .  I am reassured everyday that things are still good on the inside.

Will you find out the gender of this baby?    No!  I love this kind of surprise (this might be the only kind of surprise I like).  Plus, not knowing is a good motivator for me in those last few moments of pushing to get that baby out!

25 responses

  1. Yayyyyyy! CONGRATULATIONS!! What an adorable way to share your news. I love your son Henry’s interpretation! He is adorable.

    Somehow I had a feeling, even though we’ve never met & you live thousands of miles away!

    Best wishes for a healthy & happy pregnancy, hope you’re feeling super! Looking forward to sharing thoughts & posts throughout your journey.

    • Thanks, Leandra.
      It is exciting to be going through the same thing, sort of at the same time.
      I hope you have been feeling well lately. I have recently gotten my superwoman energy back.

    • Susie,
      I have no idea how the name will change of my blog. It took me months to come up with tthe one I have which delayed the start of my blog.
      I guess I have some time to think of the options, it still make take some time to figure it out. I love the title of your blog!

  2. Jenny I am so happy for you. you are a wonderful mom. the new baby is very lucky to have the family it does. you inspire me and so many you

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  4. Oh, how great the news is, congrats and happy next bunch of months. You and Jack are really the ideal couple to raise kids with all the love and happiness you share in raising you boys. I hope you have a girl this time, not for any other reason but to mix it up a little. Good Luck to you and stay healthy. Love reading about your boys and your activities. Aunt ILA

    • Aunt Ila, Do you think some poor little girl will hate me for many years for bringing her into this house of wild monkeys? Mixing it up may complicate things. I believe I am meant to mother boys!

  5. Hi Jenny,
    Today is the first day of using my new computer…..what fun it was to open this email and share your AMAZING news! I am so happy for you all and can’t wait to hear more details in November.

    • Thanks Michelle. I wish I had the guts to share this news with you guys at the last book club, but was still worried and there was much more interesting topics being discussed.
      I am looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!
      Love, Jenny

  6. Jenny, I have been meaning to send you a congrats note since I saw you at Ruths wedding! Funny thing is Eric asked me if you were expecting a baby when we were camping in Cornell. Kids are so observent! I am sure your house is filled with excitement! I hope the pregnacy goes well! Ed said no I can’t have one too! Have fun in ND!

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