Project 365 Week 41

Project 365 Week 41

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

10/10/11 (Monday) –  This morning Henry was awake to meet the bus with the big boys.  On our way out the door he insisted on wearing his backpack.

When the bus arrived he started walking with the boys to the bus.  I had to grab him and that is when he started sobbing and telling me he wanted to go to school.  This breaks my heart, I don’t want him to rush this school thing.  I am keeping him home as long as I can!

10/11/11 (Tuesday) –  After many months of dreading the job of installing a full zipper into this pull-over fleece for Jack’s co-worker.  I finally did it!  With the confidence of a new sewing machine, a zipper lesson from my mother-in-law and watching a few YouTube videos it was breeze!  Since this fleece I have had four broken zippers on my favorite pair of pants, a skirt, and two of my favorite coats.

10/12/11 (Wednesday) –  I finally had the time and energy to take care of my tomatoes.  It turns out I didn’t need much time to process them because they were moldy and starting to rot or really rotten.   In order process them meant pitching practice for Henry and a good treat for the chickens.   This season I got six quarts of tomato puree and one huge bowl of fresh salsa out of my sixteen tomato plants.  Thankfully I shared some with friends.

10/13/11 (Thursday) –  The biggest Packer fan in our house finally got his own Green Bay Packer pillowcase.

Here is one of the fancy stitches my new sewing machine can do.

10/14/11 (Friday) – Today was Robbie’s birthday.  His “cake” request was for an apple pie.   It was so easy to make with my homemade canned apple pie filling!   Click here to see my post of his first eight years.

10/15/11 (Saturday) –  We drove to Beloit, WI for our cousin Ruth’s wedding.  We had extra time to play before the wedding.  We found this awesome park called Turtle Island.

A huge log to climb and run through.  This was my favorite part in the park.

We had a few moments of quiet during the wedding ceremony.  After about five minutes of this sweetness, Henry was done and ran up and down the wheel chair ramp.

The bride got a few hits on the piñata.

10/16/11 (Sunday) –  We arrived home from the wedding late Saturday night.  The late night driving was worth it.  The boys slept all the way home and then waking up in our own beds and having all day at home was the best!

The start of breakfast with lots of dirty dishes!

We have had many windy days lately and this may be the last shot I get of our pretty fall colors.

3 responses

  1. The zipper work looks perfect!
    Your picture of Henry’s tears make his disappointment clear.
    The sewing machine script looks as if it will be fun in lots of places.

  2. Yes, the zipper does look perfect. The boys seem to have had a good week again. It is very sweet and sad that Henry misses his brothers so. You can see that he loves being home with Mama too!

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