Project 365 Week 40

Project 365 Week 40

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

10/3/11 (Monday) – Henry and I worked on finishing our applesauce after this last batch of steamed apples cooled down.

The apple juice from the  Mehu-Maija.

I got 18 pint jars of applesauce, so far!  I have a ton of apples still on the tree.  The more apples we eat the less I need to make into applesauce.

Here is half of them in the hot bath.

10/4/11 (Tuesday) – Henry’s new way of doing dishes.

After school energy…balancing in the wheel barrel full of pumpkins while your brothers shake the wheel barrel, causes a lot of giggling!

10/5/11 (Wednesday) – Slowly I am cleaning out the garden.  I found these treasures this week.

10/6/11 (Thursday) –  Robbie has this idea that he is going to rake the leaves off the path in the woods.  His main plan is to dry the leaves under the lean-to of the garage and then burn the leaves once they are dry.  The next day when he went back to the trail to admire his work.   He came to find me to tell me that it looked like he did nothing.  Someday he may understand that is how I feel about house cleaning.

10/7/11 (Friday) –  We will always need animals around for Henry to feed.

10/8/11 (Saturday) – Charlie recently spent his birthday money from Granny on these Lego’s.

10/9/11 (Sunday) – We aren’t saying good-bye to Mystique!  I just thought it was a beautiful day for a ride.  She needs more attention from us now that Vanilla is gone.  Each of the older boys got a turn by themselves and then a turn with Henry in the saddle with them.  This is Henry’s first time on a horse.  I think he loved it.

12 responses

  1. Thanks, TJ.

    She would be more beautiful if she had more attention and a boss to boss her around and someone to ride her. Maybe she wouldn’t be so spooky about everything! I was pretty stressed out when we had her out.

  2. Robbie’s work cleaning the leaves from his path in the woods, and then finding his efforts erased, melts my heart. Is he back at work clearing his paths again?

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm yum homemade applesauce! 🙂 I have a lowfat receipe that uses applesauce to make a banana cake, but I have to use store brought applesauce of course! lol 😉 I have been making the banana cake for the kids lunch boxes 🙂
    What are those things under the 15/5/11 photos? Are they corn? I have never ever seen any like that in my life before! lol 😀

  4. I smiled with each picture. So beautiful and full of fun . October seems to be a blast for your family. Pumpkins and all. My son has the same Lego characters, what a small world it is. God bless you always and your family.

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