Project 365 Week 39

Project 365 Week 39

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

9/26/11 (Monday) –  I went to my bible study tonight.  Which meant Henry had to fall asleep without my cuddling.

9/27/11 (Tuesday) – Today was the day the beef was ready.  Henry and I loaded 425 pounds of meat into coolers.   I was expecting about 250 more pounds from the hanging weight of 904 pounds!  Which resulted in $500 less to cover my butchering costs.  My customers got a pretty good deal and hopefully good hamburger.

9/28/11 (Wednesday) – I picked up my new sewing machine today!  Thanks to Grandma Hamm and all my customers who bought decorated cakes, aprons and homemade soap, my brother-in-law, John’s company (Keeper Goals) and to my Mom who taught me to save my money.

9/29/11 (Thursday) – Pure  cuteness!  Waiting patiently for me to come downstairs.


This is a sign Robbie made for me for my birthday last year.  A list of food that is good to him.  There is another sign some where in our house that has healthy foods that he likes.  I am sorry to say it was time to put it in the fire.  Only because there are many many gifts like this that are made for me in the wood shop.  I have been thinking I need to dedicate a whole wall in our garage for these kinds of creations.

9/30/11 (Friday) – Homecoming for our school was this week.  There is a parade through town and all kids are encouraged to wear orange and black to school.  This year there was face painting in art class.

10/1/11 (Saturday) – Our weekend was full of many activities.  The older boys were in a Fall Fun Run in the morning.  After the run we went to the Lost Arts Fair in the historical section of our town especially for the Norwegian pastries. (Sorry no photos because I forgot my camera).

We had a windy week and a lot of apples fell off my tree.  We collected them and I started making applesauce and apple juice.

I have my very own Mehu-Maija (Finnish Juicer/Steamer) that makes making applesauce a breeze.

In the evening was Jack’s annual Redneck Bonfire with his college buddies.

10/2/11 (Sunday) – Here is one of Robbie’s great ideas.  He wanted to make a Tee Pee.  How he starts his ideas…”Mom I need some string.”  I have learned to ask “What is your plan?”  Sometimes I get, “It is a surprise.”  Or no response and he goes to Jack for some help.  Today it was, “I just have an idea.”


After Henry’s nap we spent the late afternoon/evening fulfilling one of my dream days…biking and canoeing on a beautiful fall day.

We dropped off the canoe at the County Road J bridge on the Little Wolf River.  We parked the car down river on McNitch Road, unloaded the bikes and biked back to the canoe, about 2 miles.

There were a few exciting spots on the river with trees across the river and a rapids that Jack didn’t remember very well.  We hit a few rocks and got hung up on a couple big ones.  Henry didn’t like the rapids when we were hitting rocks, but said he liked the rapids later after we were through them.  I felt the same way.  A huge high light of our trip was seeing a bald eagle very close.

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  1. I love your pictures, as usual. The Tee pee is amazing. I can’t wait to come and see your new sewing machine. Someday soon, I hope. Love, Mom

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