Project 365 Week 38

Project 365 Week 37

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

9/19/11 (Monday) – Fall is here and our apple tree is loaded with apples.  They are not ripe yet, but are starting to fall.  As they fall to the ground we sort them: a pile for applesauce, a pile to eat and a the worst apples go to the animals (chickens or horse).

Henry practicing his throw.

9/20/11 (Tuesday) – The Best Smoothie EVER!  Click here to see my post and recipe for this smoothie.

9/21/11 (Wednesday) – After school hike to burn off energy!

While on our hike we collected all the corn cobs from the damaged corn.

We walked through the woods on our way back to the house and found the last blackberries of the season.

9/22/11 (Thursday) – I am still getting raspberries and until the frost arrives we will keep picking.

9/23/11 (Friday), 9/24/11 (Saturday) & 9/25/11 (Sunday) – A camping weekend filled with many activities with our extended family on a 169-acre island at Brunet Island State Park.

Cooking and eating delicious food made by our camp cook, Uncle Eddie.


Making flaming pumpkins.

Sending smoke signals.



Face painting. Thanks Aunt Susie!

Biking (I know, no helmets! Shame on us!).


Playing kickball.

12 responses

  1. How amazingly blessed you are to live in and near such beauty. I am certainly feeling the green-eyed monster when I see the pictures of all the greenery you have around you. I hope your boys will appreciate it as they get older.

  2. The fun adventures continues…it has the same excitement and joy of Summer plus the pumpkins and apples. Your boys are so super lucky. They are blessed to have a mom who only wish for the best and happy memories for her 3 boys. I wish my son is also near his cousins. This is something I felt he needs to have around him other than me and his mom. Beautiful photos. Some of them remind me of my childhood. In a way I grew up with a country life style. My dad used to raise chickens, ducks, pigs, even goats. then there were the huge fish ponds for prawns and milkfish. We even have a vegetable garden. Right now my dad is breeding catfish. I hope to visit them next year. My son would love it. Stay blessed always and best wishes to your family.

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