Project 365 Week 37

Project 365 Week 37 

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

9/12/11 (Monday) – This morning was especially hard on my emotions.  It took me a year to finally make the decision that Vanilla needed to go.  I loved her like a family pet, which she was for all of her years with us.  She provided us with many calves which turned into beef or money for us.  She was gentle and very friendly.  And I hope her hamburger will be yummy.

9/13/11 (Tuesday) –  I love to grow Milo (A.K.A Broom corn).  I found a floral shop that will buy it from me, Dawn’s Bouquet  click here to go to her website.  She has a beautiful store full of many gifts, fresh flowers and she offers many services.

9/14/11 (Wednesday) –  Henry and I went to the library for story hour this morning, a field trip to the fire station.  I thought it was very nice for the kids to be able to climb on the trucks, get into the ambulance and see the firefighters’ safety gear.  The inside of the ambulance could be a little scary if you haven’t been in one before.

One of my dear friends took this photo, unfortunately I wasn’t able to crop myself out of it.

9/15/11 (Thursday) – Henry is up early enough to see the boys off on the school bus at 6:50 AM.  I don’t have time to get him dress and many times both of us are out there waiting for the bus in our PJs.  I am not able to bundle up and be as cute as Henry.

I have mentioned this before…Henry loves our chickens, may be even more than my “chicken boy” Robbie.  Many times a day he wants to catch one and hold them and hug them and play with them.  He can do it all by himself.

9/16/11 (Friday) – Today was my 41st birthday.  I thought my 30s were good and all through my 30s I felt like I was just 30 years old.  When I turned 40, I felt pretty good and think my 40s will be even better.  I still feel 40 and hope to feel this way until I find out what 50 feels like.

I spent the day with my dear friend, Kat and our two little boys.

Kat’s son loves to take pictures.  This is one of his best shots…the beautiful smile that makes me smile every time I see her!

9/17/11 (Saturday) – Jack Frost is about to arrive any day and freeze all my tomato plants.  I decided to pick them all and patiently wait for them to ripen.  Henry was a huge help because it didn’t matter if they were red, orange or green.

He even got some practice with some math skills – sorting.

This is the largest tomato plant that I have ever grown.  I have only gotten two ripe tomatoes off it so far.


9/18/11 (Sunday) –  Henry seems to enjoy playing with Legos as much as Charlie.  This is Henry’s own creation.

8 responses

  1. Your weeks are always interesting. Congratulations on selling your broom corn. Rob’s painted mountain corn looks pretty–he hung bunches of it near our front door–and, as he did it, wondered if you’d like to grow some of it. Grandpa is also especially fond of your photo of Henry hugging a chicken. Hope your new week and new year are everything you hope for! Love, Helen and Rob

  2. 40’s is the best. My world turned into a big vacant canvas that I could just paint with the best things and people this world has to offer when I turned 40 last April. I saw things in a different perspective. Each time invaluable. I see my son in all your boys in various stages. Amazing . Like Henry, my son loves fire trucks, lego’s, anything in the farm. He’s discovering Play cards, NERF blasters, spinners. We go to the library every 2 weeks, he’s starting to read. He enjoys school. You have a wonderful family. I like reading each weekly adventures you make. Years from now, your boys will read your post and give you the biggest hug ever. Wishing you and your family all the best. Lets celebrate the great 40’s!

  3. That’s sad 😦 Sorry that you had to sell Vanilla 😦 Can I ask why you needed to sell her?
    I had not heard of broom corn until this blog, not sure that we have that here! lol 😀
    I love that Henry loves chickens 🙂 I just found out that my 12 year old daughter is petrified of chickens! I have no idea why? I told her that she is too much of a city slicker! lol 😉

    • Belinda,
      Vanilla was getting old. I was afraid that she would die here in my pasture and all that meat would be wasted. Plus I don’t have enough hay to feed her over the winter.
      I know many adults who are freaked out by chickens.
      I don’t think I know where you live Belinda. If corn can grow by you then so can broom corn. You can see how tall mine gets in the photo of the boys next to the huge tomatoe plant. It’s tops are just above the tops of the corn stalks.

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