Project 365 Week 35

Project 365 Week 35

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

8/29/11 (Monday) – One of Charlie’s birthday gifts was Lincoln Logs from Auntie Emily.   They were building many things, their favorite were catapults.

8/30/11 (Tuesday) –  With a few days left of summer vacation we needed to process the sweet corn – I now have 28 cups of corn in the freezer.  After that job was done we headed to Big Falls.

Crayfish fishing!

They caught only three and then it was time to go home for Henry’s nap.

8/31/11 (Wednesday) – The tomatoes are starting to ripen!  I will have tons this year!  And not much desire to process them into my canned chili or canned spaghetti sauce.  I need to get some motivation before they need to be fed to the chickens.

9/1/11 (Thursday) – First day of school.   Henry wanted his own backpack with his own lunch in it.  He ate his grapes on the way home from dropping the boys off at school.  On the way home he was saying, “Get Robbie & Charlie!” (meaning Go get Robbie & Charlie).

Our kindergartener!

Our second grader!

9/2/11 (Friday) – This frog has been on our front door a couple of nights this week, catching bugs.  One night we watched him for a few minutes and witnessed a catch!


9/3/11 (Saturday) –  Thankfully our area was spared the heavy winds and power outages that happened to the north and south of us.  We still got a lot of rain!  Which means FUN for the boys!  They were out there building their dam and repairing it many times.

9/4/11 (Sunday) – Jack and his brother were able to keep working yesterday on the siding of the milk house through the rain.  More progress was completed today.

My little blackberry picker with his walking stick.

7 responses

  1. These are awesome! I can’t even comment about every one – they were all so cool. Ryan was looking at the pictures, too, and he said “oh Henry”

    • I really didn’t think this week was such a good selection of photos, so thank you for your kind words. Now that I have met Ryan I can picture him saying that and him enjoying the photos of Henry. You have a very sweet son!

  2. Those are handsome boys on their way to the first day of school! The photos of them playing in the rain remind me so of my little brothers, many years ago. As usual, your post is a great addition to my day. XXXX and OOOO’s to you all.

  3. The kids looked really excited for school. Charlie has similar adventures and creativity as my son. It’s nice to know that there’s another parent out there who shares a similar journey in raising kids. Your boys had a great Summer. Always full of fun and excitement. You live in an area with so much outdoor wonderment which boys totally love. I wish my son has brothers too. He craves a playmate. i brought him to the park yesterday and he was just so thrilled to play with the other kids. Thanks for sharing . Your post is always a joy to read. Best wishes to you and your family.

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