Project 365 Week 34

Project 365 Week 34

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

8/22/11 (Monday) – We met friends at Kash Park in Stevens Point.  This park is wonderful and so much fun for the kids.  And can be a little stressful for parents.  There is so much playground equipment that you can lose your child for minutes.  I was keeping a close eye on Henry and standing in the shade under one of the climbing things.  I popped out to just say “hi” to him and he told me, “looking Mama!” in a very sad voice.  He didn’t look like he was sad or lost, I guess kids can lose their parents too.  I made sure the rest of the time that he saw me every time he passed me.

I made two cakes for Charlie’s birthday because we had something planned every night this week with friends.  I thought it would be fun to share cake with our friends and it was an easy thing to bring for the potluck meals.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring cake to one of the events.  This will be the first time our chickens get a taste of cake.

A Lego cake designed by me and Charlie.

8/23/11 (Tuesday) – Charlie is six years old!  We had two friends come to celebrate with us.  We played a little kickball, ate lunch and cake.

8/24/11 (Wednesday) – Finally we made it to Bay Beach this summer!  The favorite rides were the train and the huge slide.  Henry loved the airplanes and got sick on the race cars.

I promised the boys all summer that we would get our cotton candy at Bay Beach where it doesn’t cost “an arm and a leg”.  Unfortunately because this week was the start of their fall hours the concessions were closed by the time we got there.  So I had to pay “an arm and a leg” when we went to the New Zoo later that night.

8/25/11 (Thursday) –  I finished most of my sewing projects for the this coming weekend’s birthday celebrations.

This was my first attempt at making a bag (with no pattern – because I don’t sew with patterns).  I love the way this bag turned out and if I didn’t put Kale’s name on it before it was done I might have kept it for myself and whipped up a different bag for him.  I don’t remember how I acquired this fabric, I know it was given to me by someone.  I always envisioned this heavy denim fabric to work great for a bag. It turned out that I used every inch of this fabric for the bag and all the pockets.  The back side has little pockets across the width of it and pockets on the inside.  In my experience, little boys like lots of pockets!

I also made Kale a few animals out of felt.  Sticking out of the pocket is a whale and octopus.

I won’t fill this post up with all the photos of the animals I made, here are my two favorites the pheasant and octopus.

I also made him some food with felt.  These are my two best ones, toast and eggs, and carrots.  I attempted a blueberry muffin that I didn’t get a photo of and maybe that is a good thing because it hardly looks like a muffin.

8/26/11 (Friday) – We went to our friend’s house for a pool party.

8/27/11 (Saturday) – Jack’s family has been going to the Edgar Steam Show for over 30 years.  We have taken the boys many times and every year it is fascinating to see the big machines driving around and working the sawmill, plowing the field, harvesting oats and corn.  We saw one vendor making and selling homemade ice cream that was being made with a gas engine.

8/28/11 (Sunday) – We finished our weekend with the two birthday parties and parade in Middleton and a total of almost 9 hours of driving between Saturday morning and Sunday night.

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    • I am interested in your food do you have any photos that you can email me. My nephew who I made this for has a toy kitchen and no food until my gift. And I could make him more for x-mas gifts. I would love to make a pear, pizza. I need easy ideas.

  1. Belated Happy Birthday to Charlie. Looks he had so much fun on his Birthday. The cake look so yummy. Your kids are so fortunate their mom is full of creativity with a great talent for cooking. I admire your sewing process. Colorful and fun. Thanks for sharing. It’s a delight each time.

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