Project 365 Week 32

Project 365 Week 32

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

8/8/11 (Monday) – Sunday night fishing near the Big Falls Dam.

Charlie’s experiment – taping two bottles together with water inside of one of them.  He wanted to see if the water could move from one bottle to the next without leaking.

8/9/11 (Tuesday) – Jack took out the microwave/range hood and replaced it with a very powerful fan and bright lights.  He patched up the holes from the microwave and primed and repainted that area with a little help.

8/10/11 (Wednesday) – Aunt Susie took the big boys to Circus World Museum (click here for the website).  Each boy earned a free ticket through the summer library reading program by reading four hours.  When the boys were in bed at the end of the day Robbie told me that next summer he will read for 12 extra hours so me, Papa and Henry can go to the circus.   Susie’s photos…

8/11/11 (Thursday) – While the boys were gone yesterday to Circus World with Aunt Susie Jack started and has almost completed the bridge to the play house.  I got their excitement on camera when they first discovered the bridge in the morning.

8/12/11 (Friday) – The garden is doing very well.  We harvested our first green pepper, sweet corn, tomato, cucumbers and sugar peas.

8/13/11 (Saturday) – We had a very productive morning making more firewood.  We can never have too much!

Jack tells me that we are now working on firewood that we will burn in the winter of 2014.

8/14/11 (Sunday) – We started getting ready for our upcoming birthdays – Charlie’s this month and Robbie’s in October.  They will each have a pinata for their birthday.

2 responses

  1. Jenny your boys are growing into fabulous young men. One question – how did Charlie’s experiment turn out? And all that firewood. Guess you are not planning to move in the foreseeable future.

    • Charlie’s experiment worked for a little while. He learned that he needed even amounts of duct tape on both bottles. He is such a smart boy!

      I am not planning on moving. I love our place!

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