Project 365 Week 31

Project 365 Week 31

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

8/1/11 (Monday) –  This morning we went blueberry picking at Chet’s Blueberries.  A beautiful place with lots of space for little ones to run around after they have picked and eaten their share.

17 pounds of blueberries for $34…

Silliness with blueberries…

After picking blueberries we went swimming for the first time in the Plover River at Iverson Park.

Robbie did some bridge jumping.  I am not brave enough to jump off a bridge (I have done it once in northern MN).  I have fond memories of us playing in the river’s current in MI and my mom bridge jumping when I was a little girl.

Henry having fun jumping…

Getting ready…

Charlie getting some serious air!

8/2/11 (Tuesday) – Raining mornings slows the boys down for Lego building.  Both boys made flying things that can be one or two flying things.

8/3/11 (Wednesday) –  I mailed these pillow cases for my cousin’s children with a box of boy clothes for her new baby.  I think this is the first girl pillow case I have made and I think it turned out beautiful!

8/4/11 (Thursday) –  The boys and I went to Waupaca to visit the display at the library for World Breastfeeding Week.  While we were in town we checked out Brainard’s Bridge Park.  The park has a couple of bridges and islands and the river goes through it with pretty rapids.  A beautiful place!  Click here to see more photos from their website.

8/5/11 (Friday) –  We have been looking for an ice cream maker for a long time.  I told Robbie, “We have to be patient and we will find the right ice cream maker.”   Two days later my step-grandma thought of us when she was cleaning out her basement.  Thank you, Grandma Barb! 

I invited friends over and Aunt Susie to share our ice cream and give me a good reason to clean my house.  I thought the kids would have fun cranking the ice cream.  Each boy did a few cranks and they were done. 

8/6/11 (Saturday) –  The boys and I walked in the Scandinavia Corn Roast Parade with the Scandinavia Library (and Aunt Susie – our favorite librarian).  I didn’t get any photos of the boys.  I did get a photo of my favorite entry to the parade.

Charlie went to a birthday party and took this apron for a gift.  I don’t have a picture of the apron finished with the child’s name on it.

8/7/11 (Sunday) –  The wood shed it finished and full!

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