Project 365 Week 29

Project 365 Week 29

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

7/18/11 (Monday) –  A very hot day!  The house was the place to be and it was quiet. This is what I found…

three boys watching a movie.

warm boys watching movie2

Robbie reading in bed to the brothers.

Reading How to be a cow


7/19/11 (Tuesday) – We went to Keller Lake for swimming and crayfishing. 

boys crayfish

Check out “Heart-Attack Henry” for exciting photos of Henry standing on the edge telling me he was going to jump. 

7/20/11 (Wednesday) –  The boys had a friend over on one of the hottest days.  They played kickball.  The raft was second base and filled with water and third base had the sprinkler on.  I sat in the shade (dripping in sweat) taking pictures and did some sewing.


Ice cream for dinner.

ice cream for dinner


7/21/11 (Thursday) –  It has been over a week since we have been to Sunset Lake, so we had to go today!

sunset H run

sunset H dive

sunset H swim

sunset bury1


Look at that ear!  I love the lake but not the sand!

sunset ear

7/22/11 (Friday) –  Charlie hand sewing in the morning. 

charlie sewing

Robbie had a b-day party to go to and I made this pillow case for the gift.  Pillow cases are so easy and a great gift for kids that have all the toys in the world (and all the toys in our price range are junk)!

pillowcase brock

7/23/11 (Saturday) – It has been so hot we have been camping out in the living room all week!

Sleeping LR B&W

7/24/11 (Sunday) – For over a year the two older boys have wanted to sell lemonade at the end of our driveway.  I have been telling them for over a year, “That would be fun!  But no one will stop because they are going too fast on our road.”

Finally, I let them go through with their plan to learn for themselves.    They could only find frozen apple juice in the freezer.

apple juice stand sign

apple juice stand

The highlight of my weekend was harvesting my garlic.  I had great helpers.

 Robbie handed Henry the garlic.  Henry would say, “Thank you much!” and put them in the bucket.

garlic dig 2011

garlic bucket 2011

One of two buckets.

garlic harvest 2011

I am not sure how many bulbs of garlic I have.  If my memory is correct I planted 176 cloves last September.  Once I get them all laid out to dry I will count them.

garlic 2011

8 responses

  1. I have about 6 yards of that exact John Deere fabric! Maybe I will make some pillow cases with my fabric, I’ve only had it for about 10 years now! Wow, what a garlic harvest. Awesome…

  2. From my friend Ed @ work: Do you kids have a permit for that stand!! From your Dad: You need a sign down the road saying ‘Ice cold apple juice at the top of the hill’. From Donna: Put some shoues on that boy! From me: Did they have any customers?

    • Those boys don’t need any ideas from my Dad, thank you very much!

      No customers.

      Henry falls flat on his face if he wears shoes. I tried having him wear shoes for the first part of the summer. He can climb anything like it’s nobody’s business but the boy can run with shoes on. I should try again since cold weather is coming soon.

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