Project 365 Week 28

Project 365 Week 28

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

7/11/11 (Monday) –  Mondays are difficult days for me.  Henry went downstairs to get me a cup of coffee.  The cup he brought to me was half full, cold and very chunky.  I wondered how he managed to find coffee leftover from the day before.  When I went downstairs found my french press opened and on the floor.  I think if he watches me make coffee every day it won’t be long before he can make a yummy cup of coffee for me.

7/12/11 (Tuesday) –  Tuesday morning library program.  We are lucky to have our favorite librarian  also be Aunt Susie.  I was waiting for Henry to climb onto her lap like he does at home. 

My first ripe blueberries!


7/13/11 (Wednesday) –  I have been trying to run this summer and it hasn’t been going as well as I would like.  I am registered to do a trail run in September and I may just die that day.  One of the ways for me to get a run in is by putting Henry in the stroller and the older boys on their bikes.  Well, as you can see here they are way too fast for me.

Today, I tried to slow them down and lighten my load.  I attached our bike trailer onto Charlie’s bike (it doesn’t fit on Robbie’s bike).  Robbie pulls Henry and Charlie rides Robbie’s bike, which makes them both much slower.  

Henry reads his books.  And yells, “Mama!”  If Robbie gets too far away from me.

I try to run close behind Robbie and the bike trailer.  He is weighted down enough that he rides at my pace and I just need to give him a few pushes up the hills.  This view of the boys while I run is much better! 

7/14/11 (Thursday) –  Thursday Night On Main is in its second year in our town.  There is great entertainment every week, you can click here to see the schedule for the rest of the summer.

This week Tom Pease came to Iola!  We had so much fun dancing and singing to our favorite songs!  If you don’t know who Tom Pease is you should! 

The Belly Button song was a huge hit with my boys and I think it is the most popular song with all children.  Especially this time, he warned everyone not to stick their finger in their belly button because that would cause illegal tooting.  Imagine the giggles.


Here is Tom Pease’s website:

Click here to see a YouTube video of Tom Pease in Madison performing the Belly Button song.

7/15/11 (Friday) –  Robbie has started to mow certain areas of our lawn.   He mowed this area and wanted me to take picture of the liver shape in the lawn.  I have mowed this area many times and ended up with this same shape.  I never thought it looked like a liver, but it does.   He seems to always be thinking of Auntie Emmy and livers.  Where ever he looks he sees them. 

More progress on the wood shed this week.

7/16/11 (Saturday) – Our first bowl of blueberries!  Henry seems to have forgotten about them, thankfully.  That is why we have a handful and a bowl full this week.  This morning  I snuck out there to pick them and Henry came looking for me.  I hid in the blueberry patch so he wouldn’t find me while I was picking them.  I heard him at the edge of the garden calling, “are you, Mama?” for “where are you, Mama?” 

Later in the day I gathered from the garden my greens for my green smoothie.  Here are my ingredients.

Click here to read more about the benefits of green smoothies.    Oh so yummy!

Click here to see my post on Green Smoothies.

7/17/11 (Sunday) – My latest aprons were finished today.  I had some lace that I wanted to try on an apron and when one of my friends asked for two aprons for her granddaughters I thought this would be perfect use for my lace.  I may need to find out if there is an easier way to put lace on things.  I am very pleased with how they turned out. 

7 responses

  1. Another amazing, adventurous week. The boys seems to be having a great time on their bikes, going to the library, mowing and doing DIY activities. Those blueberries looked sweet and delicious. Best wishes to you and your family.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. I try hard for us to have a good time. Keeping us busy keeps boys from getting too wild and crazy. My mission for most days is to wear them out! What will I do when I am unable to keep up with them?

  2. Jenny, I didnt know you also did green smoothies! How fun to find another connection. Im eating mine right now as I was reading your post!

  3. Jenny, last week Mom and I went to lunch @ a tea shop in downtown Port Washington. There were gift items for sale, including long aprons with matching oven mitts or pot holders. I liked the idea of the matching mitts. Your Dad commented on how pretty your aprons are And how much he likes the pot holders you made for the cabin. He really laughed at the photos of the boys biking, and loved your idea of the trailer!!

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