Project 365 Week 26

Project 365 Week 26

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

6/27/11 (Monday) –  This Hungry Caterpillar cake I made last weekend and forgot to include it in my Week 25 post.

Today, Charlie showed me that he has learned how to pump his legs to keep the swing going.

6/28/11 (Tuesday) – This week was the second & last week of summer school for the older boys.  I have been enjoying the few hours that they are in summer school doing the things Henry likes and at his pace.  I have also had a chance to get things done that are easier with just one boy!  One big job was vacuuming the car at the gas station.   Henry was happy while I cleaned and vacuumed the entire car.

Later in the day I caught Henry reading!

6/28/11 (Wednesday) –  Early this morning I finally completed my blog post about my sister, Emily and her liver disease.  Click here to read Emily’s story.  I have been overwhelmed with the amount of readers of my blog, comments about my post and the generous donations people have made to the American Liver Foundation.  In four days I had almost 550 hits on my blog and reached my goal for fund raising.   Thank you!

Today the big boys had summer school in the morning and in the afternoon Aunt Susie took them to the movie theatre.  Henry was focused on reading books and made this pile for us to read.


Today, I finally learned how my kitchen windows get so dirty.  I found Henry kissing, licking and smashing his face against the window.


6/29/11 (Thursday) – This Spiderman cake was made for a party this weekend.

spiderman cake


6/30/11 to 7/3/11 – We left Thursday night for an extended weekend.  I have had a difficult time finding photos for each day.  Our weekend involved hanging out with friends, biking, playing kickball, campfires,

roasting marshmallows,


shooting the bb gun (Charlie),

a lot of fishing,


canoeing and kayaking,

swimming and playing in the water.





(Charlie – Superman!)

We visited a total of seven beautiful lakes in the area which were incredibly quiet, clean and clear.

6 responses

    • Thanks, Helen. I was telling Susie about when I sit down to start my weekly blog and the photos don’t look like they will amount to anything too exciting. Every time when I get started I say, “this week was nothing exciting.” And when I am done (at least two hours later) I am pleased with how my post turned out. I have been finding little tricks to make the process go quickly and smoothly by doing little steps through out the week.

      I always enjoy your comments and appreciate your encouragement more than I can express! Thank you for taking the time to comment!

    • I was surprised how much he loved being thrown. When I do it to him off my shoulders and he goes too high he complains. I have fond memories from my childhood of being thrown up into the water by my mom and dad.

      Thanks for leaving a comment and for visiting my blog!

  1. Your son’s are having the best time of their lives. fishing, swimming outdoors, kayaking, a spidey and caterpillar cake from mom, movies….these are the ultimate dream Summer for any boy. My son would have love to do all of that as well. We’ll try fishing next week.We were not successful from our last visit to the Brazos bend. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you and your family the best.

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