Project 365 Week 24

Project 365 Week 24

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

6/13/11 (Monday) – I am not one to purchase an item because I want it.  The majority of my purchases are because I need them, like socks, underwear, food and gas for my car.  My purchases of socks and underwear don’t happen very often. I love to get socks as a gift because that means I didn’t have to buy them!    I have been admiring these Gerbera Daisies ever since I started going to the best greenhouse around for the last four years.  This year was the year I splurged and paid $3 for this plant that will die once fall arrives.

6/14/11 (Tuesday) – We met friends for a hike and then went to the beach.  The kids worked together to make a pool.  Why do they need a pool when we have a 61.2 acre lake to swim and play in?

6/15/11 (Wednesday) – Last week Jack bought the boys reading lamps.  They have been using them every night to read before going to bed.  This sight warms my heart!

6/16/11 (Thursday) – We have had a fair amount of rain lately.  Thankfully, I don’t have to water my garden.  But the lawn still needs mowing.

6/17/11 (Friday) – Another pillowcase.

6/18/11 (Saturday) –  I made this cake for a friend.  Her daughter asked for a marble cake, shaped like a cat, vanilla frosting, light purple cat with blue eyes.  I baked and frosted a 9″ x 13″ for the base and 9″ x 9″ for the cat.  After I cut out the cat shape I put my heavy layer of crumb coat on the cat before putting it on the base, something I should have done with the dinosaur cake (from my Week 17 post).


I went to bed after getting this far on the cake and feeling like it needed something more.

This is what I came up with…

The best part is when Lydia saw the cake she said, “Oh Miss Jenny, I love it!”  My favorite part of cake decorating is seeing/hearing the reaction of the person who is getting the cake.

6/19/11 (Sunday) – Father’s Day.  These photos were taken earlier in the week.  I mixed up my photos because I didn’t take any photos today. 

I believe these photos fit well for Father’s Day, since we have a great Papa who includes our boys in all of his interests and teaches them amazing things.  

10 responses

  1. What a great purple cat cake! (Does Lydia know the story about the cat with the pointyu purple ears? My kids had such a book when they were little.) The kids’ beach pond project makes me think of my own mulching projects–the doing is just so much fun! Rob and I enjoyed all the photos, Jenny. Thanks.

    • Lydia goes to the library often and they check out 40+ books at a time. I don’t know if she knows that story. If you remembered the title I could tell her mom.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I really enjoy reading your posts. Always an interesting read. How lucky we are to have such nice neighbors.
    Looking forward to next week,

  3. Great pix! So many interesting “dongs” with your fam. …and the Gerbera Daisy–is one of my favs–you deserve to have something beautiful–food for the soul. “Soul-wear”–another type of under wear! 😉 A necessity, don’t you think?

  4. I love your blog, beautiful photos and the 365 project is such a cool idea. Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for stopping by kitchen bliss. Great job on the cake and your boys are absolutely adorable. I just had one also, he is 6 months and a blondie just like yours and I loved seeing your pictures. What great fun you are having already this summer!!

    • Thank you! How can I subscribe to your blog? It is going to take me a while to see all the awesome things you have posted and I would be interested in being notified of new posts.

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