Project 365 Week 23

Project 365 Week 23

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

6/6/11 (Monday) – Charlie went fishing alone with Papa over the weekend.  I didn’t take any pictures today I thought I could cheat a little and include Jack’s photos.



6/7/11 (Tuesday) – Last day of school – After Robbie got off the bus we did our regular rounds of hugs, talked about his day and I went back to what I was working on.  I walked into the kitchen to find two boys standing next to each other in tears!  I asked them why they look so sad.  They both told me they were sad because school was finished.  I thought this was very sad and very sweet.  I want them to love school for as long as possible!  I was able to sneak the camera and take a shot of one sad boy.  I NEED to remember this sadness. Charlie ran away to hide when he saw me with the camera.


6/8/11 (Wednesday) – First day of summer vacation – we went to our favorite beach.


6/9/11 (Thursday) – Our second day of summer vacation – a friend came over to play.  No more sadness. 

Today, we also had our first accident and trip to the doctor’s office.  Charlie got pushed off a box in the barn and fell on his knees.  He punctured a hole into his leg (just below his knee) with something that was in the pile of hay.  I can only find a dried stick in the hay pile that could have done that.  No stitches!


6/10/11 (Friday) – Henry tries to be sneaky.  I know something is up when Henry is quiet and disappears to the living room.  I usually find him behind the chair eating some kind of candy that was left out.  Today, I found him on the chair pretending to be resting and hiding the item he was being sneaky about and looking very guilty.

He is smart and resourceful, notice the scissors he knew he needed to open the bag.

I was thankful for the cooler temps later in the week.  Because I needed to bake a cake for the anniversary party this weekend.

This is what happened when I tried to decorate a cake during the day when Henry was awake.  I left my cake on the counter while we all went outside.  I got distracted outside in the garden and Henry went into the house with the big boys.  The big boys came running outside, “Mom, come quick!  Henry did something horrible to your cake!”  Can you imagine what was going through my head?  I forgot that I left the cake uncovered and on the counter, silly me!  Thankfully, the damage was minor.

The 70th Wedding Anniversary cake!

6/11/11 (Saturday) – We went home for the weekend to visit our families and for the anniversary party. 

Highlights at Granny’s house…

4-wheeler ride to the other farm for chores, 

A walk to the pond for fishing, 

taking the row-boat to the island,

fishing from the island

and collecting pretty rocks on the walk back to the house.

 The treasures we found…

6/12/11 (Sunday) – We celebrated Jack’s grandparents 70th Wedding Anniversary.

They had four sons, seven grandchildren, and for now, they have six great-grandchildren.

2 responses

  1. Your pictures are so wonderful! You are surrounded by such happy people!

    I’m sorry but I can’t stop laughing about the cake. Is that a typical boy or what?!! You did a good job patching it up 🙂

    Very cute expressions on your boys’ faces. They must constantly make you smile.

  2. Oh, and PS…so envious that you have all access to a wonderful farm. That is the greatest thing you will give your kids, to be able to grow up learning in that way. Is it your farm or you parents maybe? Excellent lessons to be learned there! Great!

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