Worms are to chickens like chocolate is to me

One of my favorite things I do for entertainment on our farm is watch the chickens when they are outside.  I LOVE to watch them eat the worms we dig for them.

We sit in the chicken pasture with our hands full of worms.  And lure them in by holding one worm out at a time.  And say, “Here, chicky-chicky-chicky!”

The bravest hen slowly walks up to the dangling worm,

and snatches it out of our hand and runs away.

If another hen is close by and sees this she will chase after that chicken and try to steal the worm away from her.  Or she will come running back to us looking for her own worm.


Every time we do this I imagine that if there was a giant standing over me and my sisters dangling a piece of chocolate; I would act the same way our hens do when we feed them worms.

9 responses

  1. You made me laugh so hard, Clara looked at me all concerned and Ivy wanted to know what was going on!

    Also I love the action chicken shots! For some reason we’ve never dug worms for our chickens but I’m thinking maybe we should start!

    • I am glad I was able to make you laugh. You have given me many laughs on your blog. I am glad to repay you!
      You have to dig worms tomorrow and I want to hear about it! It is so much fun!!

  2. That is one totally cool post. My son loves animals too and enjoys our visits to the petting zoo and the local bayou wildlife. You are great with kids, ,like a super mom. I have 1 very active five year old . I can’t imagine another 2 versions of him. Have a great Summer!

    • Mr B,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and subscribing. I enjoy reading your story and a few of your posts that I had time for this morning.

      My boys enjoyed your robot story. My boys liked the tanks the best. I liked the tears making a flood and the robot fixing all the mess that was made by the craziness.

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