Getting ready for Summer Vacation

Yesterday after school was kind of wild and crazy.  Now that I think about it the whole evening was!  I am concerned this may be what our summer days will be like.

Milk was spilled at least three times onto the floor and a lot of spitting milk with encouragement from bigger brothers.

One boy went to his room until the rest of us finished dinner because of talking about inappropriate things at the table (poop & toots) and burping on purpose with his mouth open.

Henry was screaming because someone took something away from him.

Henry was screaming because he wanted something another boy had.

Henry was screaming because someone left the house and closed the door without letting him out.

Henry peed on the floor at least two times and once on a  bed he was playing on.  He takes off his diaper without any warning, there is no  pattern of this – sometimes it happens after his diaper is wet or before he pees.  I am sure these are signs that he is ready to be potty trained,  but I am not ready.

Maybe it is because:

  1. I don’t like change,
  2. I can’t stay focused on a task that isn’t fun,
  3. It means my baby is turning into a big boy.

I have got to get out of this funk and just focus on his bodily fluids!

After dinner one of the boys said something about “wanting” something.  By now I had enough and lost it.  I said  something  like “no one around here cares what I want.”  This got their attention and they asked “What do you want?”

My answer:

  • No spitting,
  • No milk on the floor,
  • No talk of poop and tooting (especially at dinner time),
  • No burping with your mouth open,
  • No silliness at  the table,
  • No teasing,
  • No egging Henry on, and
  • boys that listen to the rules!

Real positive, right?  Totally negative!   I know, the results of me “losing it”!

Then I went on to ramble about summer time and doing fun things.  I would like to think I don’t threaten to get what I want out of the boys, but I came very close.  I explained that I won’t take boys who are rude and naughty to the lake, park, let them have friends over or let them go to a friend’s house.  We can stay home and get a lot of work done because I have tons of jobs for us to do!  How do you think they want to spend their summer?  I know, I want to go to the lake!

There was still wildness at teeth brushing time, a huge drop of toothpaste was on the floor and I didn’t find it until I stepped in it!

I was busy from for four straight hours cleaning, cooking, doing my animal chores, taking clothes of the line and getting started on the night-time routine.  This list of things to do at night isn’t any different from other nights, I even got some help with cleaning the kitchen and part of the animal chores.  Tonight everything seemed to take longer.  I would have loved to sit down for longer than it took me to eat my dinner, or had time to weed in my garden, go for a walk/run or play kickball.

After the boys were sleeping, it didn’t end…Robbie woke up many times with night terrors and tossed and turned the rest of the night.  Charlie woke up in the middle of the night and came to sleep with us because he was having bad dreams.

I think these events are breaking me in for next week.  Summer vacation!  Whose vacation is it anyway?  It is ours!  I plan to have lots of fun with the boys this summer.  In a matter of just a few years we may not have a full summer together.  There will be summer jobs, I might have a job to go to and how many 15 year old boys are going to want to go to the beach with their mom?

Last night was a reminder to me that I don’t handle change and transitions very well.   And next week will be rough for me if I don’t have a plan!  Because at the moment I don’t have a plan!

Our upcoming transition from the school year to summer vacation is coming and I need to get my sh__ together and have some kind of plan by the start of our summer vacation!

I am looking for ideas, advice and suggestions, anyone?

9 responses

  1. I think every mom has evenings like yours, Jenny. I hope the boys pay attention and do remember to give Mama what she wants! Because they are children, they’ll need regular reminders, but part of their growing into more and more responsible, caring people is making sure that they each do what they can to make life good for the rest of the family. You probably remember me telling of complaining to my oldest when he was a teenager, and when I was feeling overwhelmed, “No one care about me.” I knew it wasn’t true when I said it, but I really was reminded of my childishness, when he picked up a broom to help me sweep, and said, “Mom, I care more about you than anyone else in the world.”

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  3. Sorry I’ve got no ideas for transition time, I’ve yet to go through that myself yet.

    We played “the manners game” at dinner for quite awhile and it worked great for Ivy.

    everyone got a pile of jellybeans and everyone got to pick two rules, anytime you broke a rule you lost a jellybean. Ivy would pick things like talking with your mouth full and got John and I’s jellybeans a lot! My rules often involved silly noises and yelling. Ivy liked the game so much that now she asks if we can play it and we give each other pretend jellybeans. That’s what I call success!

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