Fast Flower Bed

The process of making a flower bed, if you have all the resources, can be easy and fast!

  • Locate the location for your new flower bed.
  • Gather your paper, cardboard, junk mail, school worksheets, cereal boxes, pizza boxes out of the paper recycling. I don’t recycle our “paper”, I re-use! I have been saving our paper recycling and my paper feed bags for a long time.  Waiting for the right time to finish this flower bed.   I found an invite to Jessie’s baby shower in my stash of recycling (5 years ago?).
  • Truck load of wood chips.  The tree trimming company was trimming trees in the area and remembered from a few years ago that I love wood chips and trade wood chips for baked goods.  We also have a sawmill in our neighborhood and they charge $20 per truck load.
  • Wheel barrow full of dirt.
  • Flower plants.

I laid the paper down on top of my grass about 2-3 inches thick.

Then covered it with wood chips, about 3 inches thick. This pile looks a little elevated and will settle to be closer to the level of the ground/grass that is not a flower bed.

Dig a hold in the wood chips, to where the paper layer starts, where the plant is going be.

Put a shovel full of dirt on top of the paper layer.  Place the flower on top of the dirt, add a little more dirt to fill in the hole.

Fill in around the flower with wood chips.

This method of weed barrier has worked at keeping the weeds from over taking for at least 2-3 years. And when the weeds start coming they pull out very easily. I have used the black landscaping cloth also and have had similar results. The paper layer is free and eventually rots away!

Refreshing flower beds: requires a little weeding, a thin or thick layer of paper down and then wood chips.  This path was refreshed in about 15 minutes.

My blueberry patch has been neglected for a few years.  I used the landscaping cloth as a weed barrier and the weeding was difficult because the quack grass gets stuck below, in it and on top of it, making it very difficult to get all the roots and weeds out.

I left the landscaping cloth, pulled the weeds as best I could, put a thick layer of paper down and then the wood chips.


8 responses

  1. I love how you are getting rid of your lawn. I need to work on that!

    Last year I expanded a bed, but took a short cut on the amount of paper and cardboard I put down. Bad idea!!! now my new walkway is already all weeds! I’ll have to get another load of wood chips and do some refreshing like you did.

    • I am glad to hear that you use the same method as I do. I am so protective of my paper recycling it is kind of odd. It is hard for me to drop off our other recycling and not load up my car with the paper others left! I haven’t done that, yet! I will have to if I want to do any more because I am almost out of paper!

  2. Jenny, we all learn so much from you. You are an amazing woman! I guess I don’t have to talk to Helen about turning our front yard into a garden after all. Is there any type of paper you wouldn’t use for this? Love you!

    • Paper I wouldn’t use is dog food bags because they have some kind of plastic layer in them, laminated sheets of course and you should peal off any tape that is on the boxes and remove any staples on the boxes. I don’t worry too much about the little staples in sheets of paper. Just think about the contents and will rot and not rot. It isn’t fun digging plants when you want to share or split them and finding plastic stuff.
      Always remember: The thicker the better! Don’t skimp on the paper!

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  4. Pingback: Cut Me, Trim Me, Do Something – Quick! « 6:33 Woman

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