Old Dresser

Old Dresser

(Three drawers and mirror)

The dresser was in my grandparents’, Nola and Richard Fabian, house on Kilbourn when they bought the house in the summer of 1957.  It was used in a room that they rented out until Alice (my mother) was in high school.  That was her room for the last 6 months that she lived at home, and the only time that she had a room to herself.

The dresser was given to my mother, Alice Hamm, after Nola died and my grandma’s house on 74th was sold, 1984.

I am not sure who used the dresser between the three of us kids (Jenny, Emily or Stevie Schroeder).

My sister, Danna Hamm, used the dresser for a few years; the dresser was given to Jenny in the summer of 2004.

On the side of the dresser I found my name written in black marker.  I am not sure when that happened, sometime when I was still writing my J’s backwards, probably 4 years old, while visiting grandma.  I don’t know if she ever knew I did that?

November 2, 2004, I started to re-arrange Robbie’s room, which led me to refinishing this dresser.  I stripped and sanded it within two days, after Robbie went to bed.  I spent a few late nights out in the workshop.  After the stripping and sanding was done, my name was no longer there.  I regret sanding it off, now that I have put together the history of this dresser.  This project happened so fast that I didn’t think to take a “before” photo.   

The stain is “special walnut.”

Dresser was completed on December 8, 2004 and put into Robert William’s bedroom.

Missing knob on bottom drawer will be the next improvement.  The attached mirror will be done at a later date.

Robbie used this dresser until July 2010.  When he moved into size 7 clothes they no longer fit in the drawers.  He is now using a dresser that came from my father’s side of the family, until my brother is ready for it.

Henry will be the next boy to use this dresser.

6 responses

  1. That dresser looks fabulous Jenny, almost a work of art if you ask me. I am definately keeping you in mind for refinishing projects in the future!!!

  2. Interesting information. Good job on the dresser and it is a shame that you eliminated your signature from the dresser – as that would have been a story for the boys to tell.

    Beautiful work.

  3. The dresser is beautiful! I’m so sorry you had to removed your “signature.” I suppose it would have been hard to remove the old finish without disturbing your name. It certainly would have added to its history.

  4. How lovely for you and your boys to have this little bit of history. Because we have moved so much, we have very little left of family furniture. Hopefully, my sister who still lives in London has some of it.

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