Project 365 Week 18

 Project 365 Week 18

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

5/2/11 (Monday) – Our new (new to us) play house.


5/3/11 (Tuesday) – Skunk Lake and the Ice Age Trail – hiking while it snowed a little.  We found this great tree to walk across. (My friend, Kat was the photographer for the hike.)

Then it was the Moms turn to have a little fun.  You can see the snow in this photo!


5/4/11 (Wednesday) –  I don’t have any photos for today.  It was a productive day for me and good progress was made in the garden. I dug up : 54 bags of flowers for a few more of my friends.

5/5/11 (Thursday) – It rained today, no pictures.

5/6/11 (Friday) – Mother’s Day Tea at Charlie’s school.

The finished project:



5/7/11 (Saturday) – Jack planted 77 trees. I joined him after cleaning up after breakfast.    


5/8/11 (Sunday) – Mother’s Day (these are all Jack’s photos)

The handsome boys that made me a mother!

We started out the morning by having quality family time in the woods making a truck load of firewood.  Really, I like making firewood!

We ate lunch, went to Keller Lake for some fun in the afternoon and went out for dinner. Keller Lake is one of my favorite places.  A very peaceful and beautiful park.  In my opinion it is one of the best kept secrets in Waupaca County.


The playground at Keller Lake.

Henry doesn’t need a fancy playground set!

During our paddle Charlie and I found a mother goose sitting on a nest on one of the rock islands.

Cheers!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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