Project 365 Week 17

Project 365 Week 17

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

4/25/11 (Monday) – Jack took this photo during piano lessons. 

4/26/11 (Tuesday) – Today it rained all day.  Soccer started this evening since it was raining we didn’t take any photos, here are a couple of photos from last year.

Robbie making a goal… 

Robbie as the goalie…


4/27/11 (Wednesday) – Every day Charlie has a day off from school he asks to call a friend to come over to play.  Finally we had a friend over and what a blast he had!

After school Charlie and Robbie biked while I ran.  We go past the church and cemetery in the neighborhood and the boys pick up the fake flowers out of the ditch that have blown away from the gravesites.  This pot Charlie found and put by the driveway hoping someone will put it back where it belongs. 

 I pushed Henry in the Burley.


4/28/11 (Thursday) – I dug up perennials from my garden where I want/need more space for veggies.  I filled over 25 bags and containers to give away to friends.  Not much of a dent has been made in my garden space.

Day lilies I transplanted from my soon-to-be veggie garden.


4/29/11 (Friday) – I finished this dinosaur cake late Friday night.


4/30/11 (Saturday) – French toast for breakfast!  

Jack took this photo.  We went to the Wolf River in Newport with friends to see the sturgeon (click here for link to Wikipedia) coming up river to spawn.  We were able to see a few fish right on the shore line and a few jumping out of the water.


5/1/11 (Sunday) – Granny and Becca came to visit Saturday night because on Sunday morning Becca was running the WORS 10K Trail Mix Trail Run at Iola Winter Sports Club.  Click her to see the list of other races in this series.

The boys cheering her on.

Becca placed 3rd over all and 1st in her age group!

6 responses

  1. Another great job of cake decorating, Jenny!

    That’s an expecially nice photo of Charlie returning the flowers to the cemetery.

  2. Wow, very cool cake Jenny! Looks deelish! Congrats to Becca on a great run! Plus, I really think Henry needs a big old drum!!

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