Project 365 Week 16

Project 365 Week 16

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

4/18/11 (Monday) – We had a rough start this morning.  We were headed to a play group this morning in Waupaca and on the way home we had to buy some hay.  I needed to take the truck to bring home the hay.  I got the boys and all our stuff loaded and the truck’s battery was dead.

It turns out the battery wasn’t holding a charge, so when it was time to leave the play group I needed a jump and when the hay was loaded I needed a jump!  A little embarrassing!  It was an exciting adventure, since we were also running close to “Empty”.  I considered stopping to get gas while in Waupaca, but had enough embarrassment and decided to try to get home.  I had to decide what would be more embarrassing “asking for a jump at the gas station or running out of gas on the way home”.

 I was feeling lucky and we made it home!

4/19/11 (Tuesday) –  Off to school.


4/20/11 (Wednesday) – We skied today in our woods.


My garlic.

Robbie’s bike was left outside before the snow arrived.


4/21/11 (Thursday) – I pulled the milo stems out of the garden with Henry’s help.


4/22/11 (Friday) –  Spring break.  Coloring Easter eggs with friends.


4/23/11 (Saturday) –  Charlie showing Henry how to play with one finger.

4/24/11 (Sunday) – Henry’s quilt top is done.  Boarder is the Crazy Cut design.  I love this design I may be making some more Crazy Cut quilts in the near future!

5 responses

  1. What fun to see your week in pictures! As usual you had lots of interesting things going on, and got pictures that really tell the story. I like the ones in the truck, the good-bye kiss, the piano lesson, the sking, the bike in the water, the green hand–every one of them. Your quilt is great. I think you got it done quickly, especially considering all else that you do!

  2. Jenny, what a week! I have to agree with Helen’s comments, this captures your week beautifully. The photos tell the story……….love Robert’s-or wait, is it Charlie?-expression as he sits in the truck, agree with the crazy cut designs, both boys on the piano bench are so sweet, and Henry is finally done skiing. You are doing a wonderful thing with your blog.

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