Project 365 Week 15

Project 365 Week 15

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

4/11/11 (Monday) –  My book club (A.K.A Chips & Salsa).   A wonderful group of amazing women who are supportive, caring, loving, know how to laugh and pick good books!   At this meeting we discussed Monique and the Mango Rains: Two Years with a Midwife in Mali .  Our next meeting we will discuss Mennonite in a Little Black Dress: A Memoir of Going Home


4/12/11 (Tuesday) – My life at IWSC never ends.  I am drawn to that place like I was born there or maybe I will die there.  “The bowl” is where the ski jumpers finish out their landing.  “The bowl” fills up with water during the spring melt and we have a little fun paddling around in canoes.

Before the spring melt…

after the spring melt…


4/13/11 (Wednesday) – I can’t remember why there were tears.  Charlie took this photo and ten other photos of a ball on the ground.


4/14/11 (Thursday) – We had a beautiful day, Henry and I planted onions, fed chickens worms from the garden, went for a hike in the woods and butchered two chickens – not by my choice!  Sorry, I will refrain from posting pictures from this day.  No one needs to know who is guilty of the chickenslaughter. 


4/15/11 (Friday) – Earlier this week I became focused on entering a photo contest titled “Brothers” and spent way too much time looking at old and new photos of the brothers in our  house.  I got very little done this week. 

These are the four photos I entered…

 Brothers' secrets Ski with me! 

RobbieCharlieCarryPost Grass 3Boys1a

My other favorites…

Grass 3Boys2BW KellerLakeRW CB NetSilhouette   WNDW 3Boys2 WNDW 3Boys1RobbieHenryFaceOff Giggles                        IMG_2663 CharlieRobbieWatchJeffPickCorn1    DandelionBoys Bajillions


4/16/11 (Saturday) – It was snowing, sleeting and blowing outside.  I spent all day cooking those two darn chickens into a few meals for next week and cleaning parts of the house.  I also spent time setting up to make another batch of soap after the boys went to bed.  My neighbor, Marlene came over to help make this batch of soap.

My soap is wrapped like a present; to be opened 24 hours after the pour.


4/17/11 (Sunday) – I spent the morning at IWSC volunteering for an eco-friendly endurance trail run series.  In the afternoon we went for a hike around our property.  Our littlest hiker wanted to walk!

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