Project 365 Week 14

Project 365 Week 14

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

4/4/11 (Monday) – It was a little chilly today.  We went to the barn to scope out the location for our slackline.  My ideas for the slackline require Jack to rig something up without damaging our barn beams.

For now, we have a rope swing which took some scary climbing on my part.  When it was all done and I was back on the floor, I decided that I don’t want to do any high slacklining.  I will leave that to my sister Becca and my cousin Libby(click here to see a story on Libby’s slacklining).  The beam I walked on was not wide enough!


4/5/11 (Tuesday) –  The beach is going to be fun this year with a two year-old!

  Maybe not!!!!


4/6/11 (Wednesday) – This is the start of a quilt I am making for Henry.


4/7/11 (Thursday)  – Happy Birthday, Henry!  We skied today, for the very last time!         I mean it this time!

If you haven’t seen a picture of Henry’s birthday cake Click here to see my post on A Two-Year Old’s Birthday  it is the cutest cake I have ever decorated for one of the cutest boys around! (Jack took this photo)


4/8/11 (Friday) –  Charlie loves to play with legos and is constantly creating something.  Charlie asked me to take a picture of these ships that he made so they can be on Facebook.  Instead I am putting them here and I think he will be pleased. 


4/9/11 (Saturday) – I was able to get some projects done today!  I turned these socks into leggings.  My model wasn’t too happy about modeling.


I finished stuffing and closing up these tooth fairy pillows


and made some progress on Henry’s quilt.


4/10/11 (Sunday) –  More progress on Henry’s quilt.

Henry playing hide-and-seek. Hiding in the changing table.


8 responses

  1. Love the pillows, will wait anxiously for them. I found out that Cole is crawling now. The last time I saw him and held him he was just a few days old. Can’t wait to see him and his big Bro – Aidan. So, are the leggings something that Henry will be wearing for now or what? I think the quilt is awesome looking. I should see if I can somehow forward you the pictures of the really neat cupcakes and cookies that a friend of mine from Burlington has done. She is a cook at a place called Fred’s in Burlington. We met her and her husband up at the campground. They used to have the trailer across the road from us. They sold their site this past season opting to do some traveling. We still get together with them for dinner once in awhile.

    • The leggings I made for someone and kept a pair for Henry. He wears those leggings around the house when I don’t put pants on him. I think they will help when potty training so we don’t have to worry about pants and his legs will stay warm. They have been wonderful during the last two winters to give his legs an extra layer under his pants or on top of his pants to prevent the pants from riding up and exposing skin.

  2. Hello again you amazing lady. And now you are adding quilting to the great things you do. And slacklining? I have never heard of it but watched the video of your cousin. And then I watched the Yosemite video. Are all members of your family so accomplished?

    • Thank you for your kind words! I have come from an amazing family and married into one! My female role models are incredible women!
      I come from a family of quilters, it is in my blood!

    • Sorry to tell you Susie…I bought the sock brand new and then cut the feet off. The best thing to do would be to wear the feet out and then turn them into leggings. These socks don’t look so great on my big calves!

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