A Two-Year Old’s Birthday

A Two-Year Old’s Birthday

Usually the third child gets slighted on many things, not this time!

Our first two-year old’s birthday was when we were living in the garage with no running water while completely remodeling our house.  

His birthday cake was brownies.

Our second two-year old had a simple, not so fancy cake.

Because I was busy making this family tree cake.

Now our third two-year old hit the jack-pot.

One of the cutest cakes I have ever decorated.

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  1. Jenny, That was such a cute way of showing the story of your boys birthdays. That advancement of your skills was impressive. I hope Henry had an exceptionally happy day. Was the cow on his cake his wish or did you just come up with the idea?

    • Thank you. I had fun looking at all the pictures and comparing their looks at the same age.
      The older boys helped me with the idea of a cow. They also wanted me to put a monkey on a tree with chickens.
      Henry loves going out to feed Vanilla and the chickens. When we leave the barn no matter what time of day it is he says “Good night Nilla. Good night chickens.”

    • Thank you, Jessie.

      I remember you doing those chickens once. And this was a great chance for me to try them. I am wondering how did you do the tail feathers? With a tip 1, making strings? And did you do the same thing on the wings? I tried to shape the wings with the tip 4 and left them with just a pointy end. I didn’t like how wilton did the comb so I just did the little drops.

  2. Jenny….your cakes are amazing! I love the family tree cake…are all the hair colors correct???
    and your newest masterpiece is so fun! It would have been hard to cut into that one

  3. Beautiful boys & fantastic cakes!! The family tree cake is so much fun & absolutely LOVE the chickens!! You are talented! My sister bakes & I often decorate the cakes so I have a secret love for all things sweet 🙂 Keep it up!!

  4. Jenny, what great photos of your kiddos and your chickens are fantabulous!!! Kayla is giggling about the chickens and acting out feeding chickens at your chicken coop. We eat alot of chicken, so your chickens come up often….Missing and loving you guys!!!
    Your Henry quilt is adorable!!!

    • Thanks Jan. I miss you too!
      Henry’s quilt is cute to me but I am not “in love” with it like I was when I started. And am close to starting over with a totally different idea. The thing that is holding me back from starting over is that it would be wasteful to not use this! I am planning on doing the heart center applique last, in case I do want to scrap this idea. The heart centers could be changed to fit a different child, if I do end up changing my mind.
      I am thinking that I need to come up with other things to add to the quilt to get my excitement back, like a pretty boarder. My lack of color cordination is what is holding me back. I will need to sort through my fabric to find the right stuff, since I am hoping to do this whole quilt with what fabric I already have!

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