Project 365 Week 13

Project 365 Week 13

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

3/28/11 (Monday) – We were still skiing this week!  Spring skiing is the best when you don’t need gloves, a coat, and snow pants.



 3/29/11 (Tuesday) – Two boys getting dressed for school when there isn’t a fire in the stove.


3/30/11 (Wednesday) – Skiing with friends.

My best skiing partner!   


3/31/11 (Thursday) – Getting ready for skiing.


4/1/11 (Friday) – Last day of skiing and first day of biking.

I learned a new way for Henry to communicate he is done skiing.  I think he is going to be two years old, soon! Biking after school.

4/2/11 (Saturday) – Hanging with cousins at Chula Vista.  Thank you, Emily and John for having us!


4/3/11 (Sunday) – When you have three boys in your house, you might find baseballs where they don’t belong.  I noticed this one when I was working in the kitchen.   I’m not sure how long this ball has been there.  As you can see the cobwebs have been there for a while too.


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