Springtime biking with boys

We have a lot of snow on the ground. Our cross-country skiing is done and now we are biking.


Mud puddles are irresistible!


Stuck in a snow bank!

Copying big brother!

Almost home!

5 responses

  1. What little daredevils you have on your hands! That is great!! They look so happy being dirty, how fun! Hope you’re enjoying the weather, be it snowy or muddy 🙂 We are looking forward to biking again (the last few years have been either pregnant or with newborn)…we’re looking into purchasing a bike trailer. Do you like the one you have? Any recommendations?

    • I love the one I have! It is a burley. I bought it used, which I think is the best way to go (buying used)! Their resale on used ones is high, but worth it. The only recomendations I have (my list is longer than I expected)…
      1. get one that can hitch to any bike easily without having to put a special part on your bike,
      2. get a two seater, make sure the seats are soft and mesh like, I have seen hard plastic seats in some,
      3. you don’t need a Burley brand – Instep makes a good one and a few more brands are out there, buy one used. Most people buy one and don’t use them as much as they think they will. I have seen a lot of used one in very good shape.
      4. Look on Craigslist.com for your area, newspapers, rummage sales or even check with employees at a bike shop for anyone they know that might have a used one they want to sell.
      5. make sure you have a tall flag on your trailer, you can get them anywhere they sell bikes.
      6. if your kids appear to hate riding in the trailer, keep trying by taking little trips. Give them snacks, drinks and books or toys to have while riding. Try taking them seperately for a while or take them close to naptime and maybe they will fall asleep in there.
      7. if you like to take walks I would recomend getting one that has the capabilities of converting into a stroller, that’s if you don’t already have a nice stoller.
      1. These trailers are awesome for packing a lunch, going to the library or bringing home groceries because the storage space in the back can hold two or three paper grocery bags.
      2. You can do early spring or late fall/early winter rides because they stay toasty warm in ther with blankets and light or heavy coats!
      3. Weight limit is usually about 100 lbs for the trailer, when pulling the trailer you don’t really feel all that weight. I have biked with my 4 and one year old in there. A four year is probably getting too big for it but when in there all by themself there is a lot of room.
      You should get a lot of years out of one with your young children!

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