Project 365 Week 12

Project 365 Week 12

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

3/21/11 (Monday) – My new mixer!  One of our friends didn’t use this mixer very often, so she gave it to me!  Thank you, Theresa!!!  I used it for the first time today to make a cake for Jack.  

 A half sheet cake pan that takes four batches of cake batter.   I made a divider in order to split the cake into two different flavors.


  When are you too old to take a b-day treat to school or work?

Nothing fancy, spring green frosting.


3/22/11 (Tuesday) – Happy Birthday, Jack!  We took some family photos this evening.  (click here to see my post on family photos)


3/23/11 (Wednesday) – A snow day,  school was closed and Jack was unable to get to work.  Today felt like a Saturday to me.  It threw the rest of my week off.

Henry and I played with Lego guys, dressing them in different hats and adding funny attachments.  So much better than playing with Barbies!


3/24/11 (Thursday) – Hello again, skis!


Mother Nature changed her mind and gave us a ton of snow yesterday.  Phil “The Groomer” and Mary, my Thursday skiing partners, both called me this morning to tell me the trails at IWSC are groomed and beautiful.  How could I say no to that?  I have vowed to ski every day until this winter is finally over. 


3/25/11 (Friday) – This move on the hills is called, “the dog.”  You kneel on your skis and put your hands close to the ski tips.  This is good for kids who have trouble going down small hills while standing.  Also, very good for really big hills and kids and mamas who love the thrill of going really fast!

Henry had a great nap!

3/26/11 (Saturday) –  Soap is cut and drying.

3/25/11 (Sunday) – Skiing with friends.  Taking a snack break on the trail.

5 responses

  1. Jenny, you will love your mixer!!! I got one for a wedding present over 30 yrs. ago, and it’s still running like the day I got it! What a great friend you have!! I use mine all the time, it’s a champ! Love the cake too!

  2. Hi Jenny – love your mixer, your photos, your lovely little boys and the fun and joy you obviously create for those around you.
    Take care of those little guys, they are only lent to us for such a short time. Then they go out and make whole new lives of their own.
    I don’t like snow and so don’t ski anymore although we have great skiing here in New Zealand. As our seasons are the opposite to yours, perhaps you could all come down here and ski sometime soon.

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