Project 365 Week 11

Project 365 Week 11

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

3/14/11 (Monday) –  Jack took many photos of each boy while the other boy was in piano lessons.  I was home sick.  I think he should take them every  week for photo shoots.  These are my favorite shots of two handsome boys.


3/15/11 (Tuesday) – Henry loves showers.  He took two showers today.


3/16/11 (Wednesday) –  Spring dancing  on the deck. 


3/17/11 (Thursday) – A leprechaun treat for each boy.

All winter this was Henry’s sign in baby sign language for “I’m done skiing.”  I think if he understood that today was our last day of skiing he would have skied longer than 15 minutes.  He was happy to have his skis off and to ride in my Ergo for a quick loop on the Green trail so I could say my final “good-bye” to the ski trails and

“good-bye” to my skis, until next winter!  Only 9 months away!


3/18/11 (Friday) –  No photo. Too busy packing and cleaning for our trip home.

3/19/11 (Saturday) – There is nothing more fun than a huge stack of hay and two wild boys in a haymow.


3/20/11 (Sunday) – No photo for today.    I’m glad to be home!

3 responses

  1. I love seeing these photo’s and Robbie and Charlie are so very handsome, good job Jack. I think my favorite was Henry when he was “done skiing” loved the drama, and the boyz having fun in the hay mound Thanks for the monday morning smile Vater family!

  2. I never thought of Henry’s laying down when he is done skiing as drama. That is what it is. He is just too cute when he would do it. Can being dramtic be cute? I could be right next to him or 20 feet away and he would just sit down and then lay back and wait until I came over to talk to him.

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