Project 365 Week 10

Project 365 Week 10

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

3/7/11 (Monday) – A beautiful day for snowshoeing with our neighbor, Marlene.


3/8/11 (Tuesday) –  Henry is starting to like riding in sleds and now winter is almost over.


3/9/11 (Wednesday) – We got about four inches that was great packing snow.  Charlie’s wheels kept getting bigger and bigger.


3/10/11 (Thursday) – Soccer will start at the end of April.  I dug out the shin guards and shoes today.  Henry wanted to wear Charlie’s shin guards to the ski hill.

One of the smiles I love to see every  day!

3/11/11 (Friday) – Charlie and I made a pillow case for his friend’s birthday.   Easiest pillow case pattern, watch video ever!

Charlie thought we needed a picture of me sewing.The necklace and stool Charlie recently made.

my soap making…

essential oils (Patchouli, Lemon & Orange) and grapefruit seed extract,

stirring the pot.


3/12/11 (Saturday) – Sledding with six boys!


3/13/11 (Sunday) – Charlie has been waiting for a very long time to be invited to a friend’s birthday party.  Today was the day of the very frist friend birthday party for Charlie !  I didn’t get a picture of the happiest boy because I was too sick , see my post on Waiting.

My Patchouli, Lemon & Orange soap with an oatmeal exfoliant…it will sit in my living room to cure for a few more days before I cut it into bars.  Once they are in bar form they will sit for another four to five weeks.  During this time my living room smells really good!

2 responses

  1. It looks like we live in different worlds with these pictures instead of two hours apart! Yesterday the girls played out on the porch while I was making dinner and we had a picnic outside and then today it was 60 and beautiful here today, and only little icy snow patches in the shade!

    • Our snow is diappearing fast. Tomorrow, 50% chance of rain. I haven’t skied since last Thursday and it may have been my last. I wish I would have known that to do my final good byes.

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