Waiting takes a lot of patience.
Late last week I started feeling sick like I was getting strep throat. It didn’t seem possible because when strep hits me it usually comes on quickly. So I waited for it to continue to get worse or better.

Sunday I called the on-call nurse and scheduled an appointment for Monday morning.  I waited for the appointment time to arrive and prayed that if I indeed had strep the doctor would be able to see it and give me meds.

Because of today’s “late start” day  for Robbie it meant that all three boys were home this morning and I had to take all three boys to my appointment. It actually went well, with a little threatening that I would take Robbie to school early to wait in the lunch room until school started. I don’t like threatening but didn’t have the energy to be creative and positive.

The doctor looked at my throat and right away said, “Yes that is strep throat!”  THANK YOU!  Now please give me meds!  He emailed the prescription to the pharmacy in our home town.  So I had to wait until we could get back to our town to start the meds.

I drove very slowly waiting for the time to get a little closer to the start of school so Robbie could go directly to his classroom.

I am home now cuddling looking at pictures in books (because it hurts to talk) with my two little monkeys and watching them play with their dominos waiting for the meds to start working.

While sitting on the recliner in front of the fire, that Charlie is managing for me, I am staring at cookbooks that we don’t use very often.  I picked up the home-made ice cream book and had to put it down because it makes me want to eat and is making me more hungry.  My last meal was on Saturday night.  And I want to make home-made ice cream!

I am waiting for Henry to be ready for his nap so I can take one with him.

I am waiting for Jack to get home so he can cook dinner and clean up our mess from today.

I am waiting for my throat to be better so I can eat and drink something.

I am waiting to have more energy so I can take care of my chickens and animals, cook for my family, do some laundry and finish my blog entry for last week.

I am waiting for more energy so I can be back to normal.

5 responses

  1. I hope you will be feeling better very soon!! It sounds as though you’ve been awfully miserable. Wish I were there to help. Love you, Lynn

  2. Having strep feels awful.
    Being sick when you feel like your family is depending on you feels, in some ways, even worse.
    Don’t worry, Jenny! Soon enough you’ll feel better, and the boys (young and older) will all come through a few days with you doing less just fine. While being sick is no fun, I’ve found that it does serve as a good reminder for everyone: our families remember just how much we do for them when we’re no longer able to do it all for a while, and we remember that sometimes it is good to just stop and do… nothing… for a while.
    Read, meditate, relax. It’ll be time to hop onto the carousel again soon enough!

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