Snowball fights

I dislike snowball fights for many reasons…

  • I’m a Mom and I know the usual outcome.
  • I don’t like to get hit with a snowball on any part of my body.
  • Someone always gets hurt. 
  • In the heat of the moment the boys don’t think about where their snowball is going to land if they miss the target.
  • I don’t want a broken window in the middle of winter.
  • I don’t like throwing of any kind of object.
  • I have one boy who has an incredible throwing arm.
  • Snow balls usually aren’t soft.

Today the snowballs  were soft.  I didn’t stop the snowball fight and everyone involved had a blast. 

Two little boys against one big boy seemed almost even to me.

Robbie would fall down with every throw of Henry’s and

Henry would laugh so hard I thought he would fall over.

There was so much giggling how could I put a stop to that?

6 responses

  1. Jenny I think that is Mom’s perogative. I imagine it was as much fun watching them as they had participating! You certainly captured the moment – thanks for sharing! xoxo Lynn

  2. They look like they are having fun. As we were driving through Texas today the temp was 75. By the time we got into N.M. it was down in the 40s. Talk with you later.

    Aunt Anita

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