Project 365 Week 4

Project 365:  Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

1/23/11 (Sunday) – Henry making a cup of tea for Mama.  Jack took these photos.  I spent most of the day on the couch with an ear ache and a bad cough.

1/24/11 (Monday) – No school today (record keeping day).  We introduced one of Robbie’s friends to cross country skiing.  Other friends joined us, unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo with them.


1/25/11 (Tuesday) – Henry rode on my back while I skied with a friend.  When we were done skiing it was Henry’s turn to ski!

1/26/11 (Wednesday) –  Henry loves spray bottles.  He helped me clean the window on the stove, and the sides of the stove and the inside of the stove!  Only the inside of the door needed to be clean so I could re-glue the seal (notice the seal hanging from the bottom of the door).


1/26/11 (Thursday) – I finished this mother/daughter apron set for one of my book club friends.  These aprons will be a wedding gift for her friend who is now a step-mom.  Pockets and straps fabric has “jimmies” on them.  I can’t take the credit for the fabric selection.


1/28/11 (Friday) – I spent the early part of the morning sleeping/resting on the couch.  I was beat from the previous night’s book club meeting and from coughing all night.  Charlie was my big helper today…

“Mom!  Henry is making his own cereal and it is all over!”

Charlie built this house for them to play together.

 Jack and Robbie camped outside in woods.  Charlie decided at the last minute that he wanted to sleep in the house with me and Henry.  This is Jack’s photo again, this time I wasn’t sick on the couch.


1/29/11 (Saturday) – Today we skied in the morning with the youth ski program.  In the afternoon we attended Robbie and Charlie’s first piano recital.  We didn’t take any photos, just a video of each boy playing their part.

My photo for today….During my book club meeting another friend fell in love with the cupcake aprons.  Her daugther recieved a cupcake maker for Christmas and asked me to make an apron for her out of the left over fabric of the mother/daughter set.  I added the “jimmy” print as trim around the sides and bottom to make the apron a little wider and longer.

I couldn’t wait to save these photos for next week’s entry.  So here they are…

1/30/11 (Sunday) – A beautiful day for skiing with three boys.  Two on skis and one in the sled napping.

The boys and I skied for 1.5 hours this afternoon.  I made this happen by enticing them with treats and drinks of water at the top of the hills and the promise to take them to my favorite downhills that they have never seen before.  Charlie told me, “I was really scared on two of them!”  He sure didn’t act like it.

One of the hills is called “Nose Dive”.  Robbie fell on purpose at the bottom and told me he was doing a “head plant”.  I am not sure where he got that from, maybe from Charlie calling the hill “Nose Plant” instead of “Nose Dive”.

This hiker is in “the field” where the Ice Age Trail crosses through the Iola Winter Sports Club ski trails.

2 responses

  1. I love the first skiing photo on 1/30, what a face!!!
    And I also I love that you call them “jimmies” too, John thought I was making things up the first time I called them that!

    • Jack says he has always called them sprinkles, but has heard “jimmies” used. And all this talk about “jimmies” makes him hungry for a cupcake. Funny because I never put them on cupcakes. Actually I rarely use them. Do you?

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