Project 365 Week 2

Project 365:  Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

This week I missed a few days of taking photos.  I made up for it by adding more than one photo on some of the days.

1/10/11 – Robbie laid-up with double ear infection, a cold, a horrible cough  and no energy to move. We went outside for a little fresh air!  He was out of school this week for four days.  We are fortunate that this is his first time taking antibiotics and he waited seven years before getting an ear infection.

1/13/11 – Robbie sitting up after the antibiotics started working.

1/14/11 –  (Two photos) During Henry’s nap time Charlie and I planned to do some sewing.   We always plan to do something together that we couldn’t do while Henry is awake.   Today Charlie’s idea was to make a shirt.

Charlie is creative and can design anything with paper ( I will include a photo of one of his creations another time).  So when he said he wanted to make a shirt I thought it would be possible if I let him tell me how to do it.   So we went with his ideas, my slight ability to follow directions, my limited visualization skills and my knowledge on sewing straight lines.

Note:  I don’t make clothes because patterns and directions scare me.

1/15/11 – I didn’t have time to take a picture of the boys today because I was too busy cooking and preparing food for Robbie.  He was STARVING all day!  I should have taken a photo of him eating.

The photo I have for today is  of  my homemade rice pudding.  I have been searching for a recipe for many months.  A friend introduced us to Cozy Shack’s Rice Pudding this past summer.  Oh so yummy!  Rice pudding is one of the foods I know Henry will eat when he isn’t interested in anything I offer him.   I am so cheap it kills me to buy the Cozy Shack, so I needed to find a recipe.

Once I figure out how to do fancy things with this blog I would like to have a section for recipes.  This will be one of them!

1/16/11 –  There were multiple photos I took today that I had to include, it was impossible to pick one or two.

Snowboarding on our sledding hill.  Thank you, Uncle Steve, Aunt BJ and Kale for giving this snowboard to Robbie for Christmas!



During Henry’s nap time Robbie started sewing a pillowcase for a friend’s birthday party this coming weekend.

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