Hello world!

I have finally committed to starting my own blog.  Yikes!

I have wanted to  start one for many months.  I have had many excuses…what name to call it, what would I write about,  who really cares about what I write, will anyone read it and do I really want the whole world to have access to my life?

I have been inspired by a cousin and dear friend, Jessie, who has been blogging for a while now http://behindthewillows.wordpress.com.

The final push to get this started is when I heard of Project 365.  A photo journal for a year.  I didn’t want to use that website, so I thought I could do this in my own blog.

It will help me remember what has happened in our lives in one year.   I probably won’t post a photo everyday, but I will try to post 6-7 photos once a week.  And it will make me take more photos.  I have relied on my husband and mother-in-law to document our lives  with their photos.

6 responses

  1. Jenny,

    This is an awesome idea, especially being a stay at home mom, this will be your adult speak time. I look forward to many weeks of enjoyment from you.

  2. What a great way to stay in touch and share your lives! I’m excited about the variety of your boys’ activities and the common interests we will have to share.

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